Console Solutions

​The best of Console Gaming: Powered by AMD

If you’ve ever played Microsoft® Xbox® One, Nintendo Wii®U, or Sony PlayStation®4, you enjoyed an AMD-enabled experience. AMD technology is at the heart of the consoles beloved for gameplay and streaming video entertainment in over 227 million1 homes today. In fact, for more than 30 years, AMD has innovated at the cutting-edge of gaming technology. With our CPU, graphics, video and audio processing technologies, AMD uniquely enables a superior game and streaming video experience on your console as well as your PC.

Chosen by the Best in Console Gaming

Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony make the best-selling game consoles in the world, and they each chose AMD technologies for their latest game consoles.

AMD has been a key innovator of gaming technologies for multiple console generations, and we provide significant engineering resources and logistics support to our semi-custom console customers, enabling them to deliver out-of-this world gaming experiences across multiple platforms. Console makers chose AMD because of our unmatched computing and graphics IP, gaming technology leadership and customization expertise.

A Unique Approach to Engineering

Rather than expecting the console to adapt to processors designed for PCs, our engineers worked closely with the console designers to create tailored solutions as unique as each console. Both groundbreaking consoles, Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4 are powered by their own custom AMD processor unique to each console design, yet both pack powerful multi-core AMD CPU and graphics technology in a single chip. The Nintendo Wii U, in turn, uses AMD graphics technology to deliver unforgettable gaming experiences.

We are not bound by convention and don’t subscribe to “one-size-fits-all” thinking. We are in the business of enabling our technology partners to deliver rich, immersive experiences that make your heart pound and your senses come alive.


Amazing Game Streaming

If you want to stream your Xbox One games to your Windows® 10-based PC, consider complementing your AMD-powered Xbox One with an AMD-powered PC.

AMD-based PCs enable superior streaming experiences with exceptional quality images and videos, upscaling to make HD videos look sharper and clearer, and support Microsoft Xbox One game streaming through Windows 10.