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​​Solutions for Professionals

AMD FirePro™ professional graphics is ideal for multidisplay configurations requiring the highest visual quality and best multimedia performance. Advanced 2D and 3D visuals, high display densities and dedicated display wall features coupled with a long life cycle make AMD FirePro a compelling choice.

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Digital signage solutions based on AMD FirePro can be found in airports, shopping malls and retail stores displaying compelling 3D graphics and high-definition multimedia content. Thanks to powerful software from our partners Ventuz and VizRT and innovative concepts developed by companies like Stereolize and LK-AG, AMD FirePro graphics also power large-scale presentations with interactive controls or projection mapping. 

AMD Broadway 

AMD Lights Up Times Square

AMD FirePro™ professional graphics light up 24 megapixels and 25,000 sq. ft. of immersive experience in the heart of New York City with Times Square’s Largest High Definition Display.

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Multidisplay solutions for professionals

AMD FirePro™ professional graphics feature AMD Eyefinity, a unique multidisplay technology which enables one graphics card to output high-quality visuals on three, four and even six displays from a single system.1 This reduces overall complexity and allows multiple graphics cards to be combined and synchronized to create massive display walls with tens and even hundreds of screens.

AMD FirePro graphics cards also feature support for Display Port 1.2 which enables high-quality visuals for applications that require ultrahigh-definition (UHD) resolutions in 4K (4096 x 2160 pixels) and an extended color spectrum (10-bit).

Display wall solutions overview

AMD FirePro™ W600 

Designed for disp​lay walls: AMD FirePro™ W600 graphics

The industry’s most powerful solution for multidisplay display walls – no other professional graphics manufacturer offers a single card capable of driving up to six displays (with independent audio streams), offers the latest graphics memory for optimal multimedia application performance and consumes 75W at maximum power.2

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The AMD FirePro™ professional graphics advantage:

  • Powerful partner support: At AMD, we are proud to work with leading hardware and software vendors to deliver leading-edge technology and solutions.
  • Software optimization and reliability: AMD FirePro is designed and built by AMD and optimized and certified for many professional software applications.
  • Three-year warranty and extended availability: Compared to consumer graphics, AMD FirePro graphics cards have an extended life cycle.
  • Highest level of customer support: Customers have the ability to contact the AMD technical team directly.
  • Energy efficiency: AMD FirePro graphics cards feature intelligent power saving and monitoring technologies for higher performance and efficiency, including AMD PowerTune and AMD ZeroCore.3

Recommended AMD FirePro™ graphics cards:

​​​Low profile graphics cards ​​Cards optimized for 3D performance​​
AMD FirePro 2270AMD FirePro 2460​​​​AMD FirePro W7000AMD FirePro W9100AMD FirePro W600
FirePro™ ​2270
2 Displays
FirePro™ ​​2460
4 Displays
FirePro™​ W700​0
4​ Displays
FirePro™​ W9100​​
6​ Displays
FirePro™​ ​W600
6 Displays

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