AMD Culture


At AMD, we live our core values through our actions. This helps drive our business. Being a socially and environmentally responsible business is an important part of AMD’s culture – The AMD Way. We believe that our employees are motivated to work hard and innovate when they see their jobs as their cause, and we offer ample opportunity for them to make a meaningful difference through the everyday work that they do.

The AMD Way is about Commitment and Ownership, Customer Focus, and Innovation and Leadership. We support those core beliefs through:

  • Achievement: We plan and play to win in all we do, every time. Every day matters.
  • Accountability: We build trust by honoring our commitments.
  • Alignment: We work as one AMD to debate, decide, embrace and execute.
  • Agility: We continuously learn and improve in all aspects of our business.

When we look at our accomplishments, we look through the filter of our company culture, asking if we got there the right way—The AMD Way.

Are you up for the challenge?

Push Boundaries

Our employees thrive on challenge and aren’t afraid to test limits. Together, they drive the innovations that break the barriers of technology.

  • First chip to break the 1 GHZ Barrier (2000)
  • First x86 dual-core processor (2004)
  • First Accelerated Processing Unit (2010)

Deliver Innovation

Our employees energize the industry, helping our customers win and building learning for a lifetime.

  • World's highest performing processors for 1-8P x86 servers and workstations (2005)
  • The World’s First Fully DirectX ® 11-Capable Graphics Card (2009)
  • World record-breaking CPU (2011)

Change the World

Our employees make a world of difference, leading sustainable global communities, inspiring customer trust with innovative products and building a company to last.

  • Climate Innovation Index Leader (Maplecroft Climate Innovation Index (CII))
  • 100 Best Corporate Citizens List 2010 (Corporate Responsibility Officer Magazine)
  • Top 500 Green Companies in the United States (Newsweek Magazine)