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AMD technology is helping customers push the boundary of what is possible


We are proud to work with our customers and business partners from across the globe to help tell their success stories with AMD technology.

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Some of our customers and business partners include leading brands, such as Acer, Apple, Asus, Cisco, Dell, GE, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Nintendo, Samsung, Sapphire, Sony, Toshiba, Vizio and XFX.

These companies collaborate with AMD to help power their solutions, providing you with the best experience with your technology at work and play.​


AMD Technology is Inspiring Tomorrow

Girl with laptop  

The Environmental School Project

Public educators in School District 42 within British Columbia, Canada have been working to complement their conventional school system with a revolutionary approach to teaching – one that doesn’t rely on desks, chairs, blackboards or even a classroom. These educators looked to HP and AMD to help support their innovative approach to education.

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Aftershot Pro

For 25 years, Corel has developed award-winning applications. Today they offer one of the industry's most versatile portfolios of photo, video, graphics, office productivity and digital art software. Their ongoing collaboration with AMD is helping to bring digital photographers the most cutting-edge tools in their field.

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Apu Kumar discusses BlueStacks  


Together, AMD and Bluestacks are delivering a completely virtualized Android environment that runs all of the most popular Android entertainment, content consumption and productivity apps right within the Windows desktop.

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“We find that combining the power of the GPU and the CPU – it’s not only brilliant, it’s a very astute use of excess resources on a system. To continually have the highest performing software and hardware combination – that is huge. And that’s why we’re collaborating with AMD right now on optimizing for HSA.”

- Jacques Lamontagne, Director of Product Management, and Marketing, WinZip


​AMD is a Leader in Graphics and at the Core of Your Gaming Experience

Aaron Davies  


AMD and Oculus VR are changing how you game. Watch the full video to see why Oculus chose AMD graphics to help develop their new virtual reality goggle system: Oculus Rift.

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Game Consoles

All major game consoles use AMD technology. AMD collaborates with major game console manufacturers, including Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, to drive breathtaking image quality and to deliver truly out-of-this-world gaming experiences.

gigapixle display  

Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University unveiled the world’s first gigapixel display, comprising more than 1.5 billion pixels using 416 HD monitors and 72 AMD FirePro graphics cards along with 18 AMD FirePro S400 cards to sync video signals and create one contiguous display.

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“The AMD FirePro™ prof​essional graphics cards we use are central to producing multiple, high-quality, uncompressed media streams from a single server. Our customers love the result. They get an amazing wow factor, yet all they need to do is load and play. It is quicker, cheaper and easier for them.”

- Ian Macpherson, Director, 7thSense Design


​AMD is Re-imagining the Server

Student Team  

Student Cluster Competition at Super Computing 2013

A team of Bentley University and Northeastern University students took the top spot in the Student Cluster Competition (Commodity Cluster track) with a cluster they chose to power using AMD's A-Series APUs.

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​AMD is Embedded in Your Daily Life

Kabini die shot  


South Korea-based company, EMTs, breaks performance and power efficiency barriers with a fanless 4K ultra-HD video and display PC built with AMD Embedded R-Series APUs.

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Haier taps AMD Embedded G-Series APUs and Windows® Embedded Standard to pioneer a next-generation, x86-optimized smart TV.

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Embedded G-Series APU  

AMD Embedded G-Series

AMD’s GX-210JA APU, part of the AMD G-Series SOC family, uses one-third less energy than the previous low-power Embedded G-Series SOC product and has garnered major industry awards.

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“AMD Embedded G-Series APUs gave us the high-performance processing platform we needed to achieve our design goals with as little friction as possible.Our VBOX-3200 systems are a testament to the superior value and functionality that APUs can help enable.”

- Kevin Hsu, President, Sintrones

 Did You Know?

  • Dual AMD FirePro™ professional graphics are supported by OpenCL™ compute power so that Mac Pro users can seamlessly edit full-resolution 4K video and simultaneously render effects in the background, with still enough performance to power up to three high-resolution 4K displays
  • AMD won two 2014 CES Innovation Awards for the “Discovery” Project
  • The iBUYPOWER Steam Machine will be based on AMD processing technologies
  • The first ARM-based AMD Opteron™ processor will use the ARMv8 architecture, offering low-power processing in the fast growing dense server space
  • AMD ships products to customers in trays that can be reclaimed for reuse and then recycled, which led AMD to reuse approximately 140 tons of trays and recycled about 20 tons in 2012 alone
  • AMD was recently awarded $3.1 million for a research project associated with the U.S. Department of Energy Extreme-Scale Computing Research and Development Program
  • AMD employees across the globe have donated their time with a total of 9,305 volunteer hours in 2013 alone