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 APUs-Accelerated Processing Units

Desktop and laptop PC

One Processor, So Many I​ncredible Experiences


AMD has brought it all together to bring you incredible, new digital experiences. Our A-series APUs combine the performance of multicore processors and the unprecedented power of AMD Radeon™ graphics technology on a single chip for a whole new level of immersion and interactivity. Whether gaming, watching videos, or multitasking on your PC, we give you the performance you need to fit your modern life.

AMD APUs for HD graphics

​HD Graphics for an HD World

It's an HD world out there, and AMD wouldn't offer you anything less than superior, uncompromising graphics performance that enables you to see it all in ultimate high definition. Through powerful features like AMD Radeon™ Dual Graphics Technology1 (available on AMD A8 and AMD A10 series APUs), AMD APUs offer extreme levels of image quality and resolution that immerse you in your digital/game life like nothing else.

Wave Hello to Your PC

Yes, really -- we want you to wave at your PC. It's a part of our suite of elite software experiences that enable you to interact with your computer in more natural and intuitive ways. With our facial recognition software, you can bring your PC to life with just a wink or a nod2 and then wave and gesture your way through photos, web pages and more using our amazing, new gesture control software.3 Plus, you can share it all wirelessly across screens with our screen sharing software.4 Computing was never such a breeze.

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Using gesture control to interact with a laptop
Windows 8 laptop

Optimized for Windows 8

Our APUs are fully compatible with Windows and - to make life even easier for you - have been optimized for a smooth and rich Windows 8 experience. Features such as Internet Acceleration and Quick Stream Technology5 help speed things up and provide virtually uninterrupted HD internet streaming, for a more seamless, productive web experience.

Geared for Gaming

With powerful AMD Radeon graphics and elite, quad-core technology, AMD APUs offer an intensely real, immersive visual experience. AMD Dual Graphics1 technology helps to inject an extra level of realism into your image quality, while AMD Eyefinity technology6 allows you to extend it all across multiple screens and put yourself, literally, in the middle of the game. And, you can have it all - from the most demanding games like BioShock Infinite to simple Android apps - your way, on-the-go.

APU Processor for Gaming