The Discovery Project: The Next Level of Real

Innovation is a vital part of the pioneering spirit of AMD. We named our new project the “Discovery Project”, not just for our own opportunities for innovation, but for the discoveries our users can make about a world enabled by AMD technologies: discover what a tablet PC is really capable of, discover where gaming is headed next, discover new capabilities for your old TV set and more.

These reference designs demonstrate the full capabilities of AMD innovation and its APUs. The resulting products showcase our low-power APUs across a range of imaginative designs, including tablets and small form-factor home PCs, each of which can support traditional productivity apps and advanced graphics performance.

In addition to the systems themselves, AMD extends the vision of what a PC can achieve with peripherals like the device we’ve codenamed “GameCradle” and docking station, all while meeting the stringent requirements of features like Microsoft InstantGo. The result is a set of complete reference designs to empower people to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Discovery Project 

Starting with a well-designed tablet

AMD created a tablet reference design sporting an 11.6" full HD display running Windows 8.1, all housed in a 10mm thick form to explore new ways of doing things. The tablet allows us to develop and validate a complete, optimized reference design and provides a platform to exploit the possibilities of DockPort, a new technology that allows you to connect up to four external devices to a tablet and sync them through a single connection. Our commitment to challenge convention shows how DockPort is poised to revolutionize the tablet experience by pushing the limits of what a tablet can do.

Introducing the productivity tablet

We knew a tablet could perform as a great productivity system for mobile office workers. The majority of tablets don’t currently bring enough performance, connectivity or display options to replace a full office PC system. So we created the “Discovery Dock” as a way to enable the mobile desktop experience.

You can simply drop the tablet into the docking cradle for a fast, easy connection to multiple monitors, keyboard, input devices and even power to charge the tablet, all via a DockPort connection. When it’s meeting time, you simply grab it and go – it’s all the lightweight convenience of the tablet, with the options you need to stay maximally productive at your desk.

Discovery Dock 

PC gaming on a tablet

Gaming should be an exciting and awesome experience, regardless of which device you are using. But traditional PC games just aren’t developed with touch tablets in mind. With that in mind, we set out to show that we could deliver the best graphics capabilities available for tablets and 2-in-1s, by putting it to the test with some of the most rigorous game titles available for PCs. We explored a way to play these games with controls gamers know and recognize, so we built the GameCradle – a device that connects to the tablet over DockPort and provides a traditional game controller in a very cool design.


When set into the docking station, the tablet also provides superior audio technology to give you a “big audio” experience on-the-go, without having to drag along extra components. With the ability to plug in extra peripherals such monitors that support resolutions up to 4kx2k , this is just the beginning of exciting, new gaming experiences. We understand that freedom with technology is just one of the many ways that fantasy, imagination and competition come to life.

Creating the smartest of smart TVs

We developed this technology to showcase AMD’s ability to bring rich media experiences to small form factor devices. While sleek and nonintrusive, similar to today’s small streaming-only devices, this technology conceals a true PC underneath, and connects easily to your TV set via a single DockPort connection to give your TV a giant IQ boost.

This leads to many amazing, new possibilities, including voice and gesture control for your TV set, seamless streaming of games and movies from other networked devices and Internet services and video calls – all from the convenience of your living room sofa.

The possibilities are limitless

AMD is pioneering technologies that empower people to push the limits of what’s possible. We created the Discovery Project to demonstrate the emerging capabilities of new AMD technologies and to spark the world’s imagination with examples of the amazing opportunities that lie ahead. Our challenge to you is: how can AMD technologies help you push your limits?

The Discovery Project has garnered two coveted CES 2014 Innovation awards from the Consumer Electronics Association . And we don’t plan on stopping there. There are so many exciting ways that our unique and unmatched computational capabilities can help to create natural, intelligent and innovative ways for people
to interact with the devices they love.

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