AMD Photo Composer

​​Stunning photos in seconds

Make beautiful photos in seconds and share them in a snap with simple, powerful editing tools in AMD Photo Composer. Indulge your creative flair with simple filters and frames, creative stickers and touch-up tools and quickly share the results from select touchscreen tablets and PCs.1

Screen shot of photo composer editor 


Powerful editing tools without the fuss

AMD Photo Composer offers dozens of accelerated filters and effects for everything from quick fixes to complex stylistic impressions that help you create unique, breathtaking images. Through a simple, intuitive interface – including one-tap auto-enhance – you can edit your photos, and quickly share them with your friends and family.

Made faster by AMD APUs2

AMD Photo Composer harnesses the power of your AMD APU to speed up the process for faster, easier photo editing.2 With an AMD APU, the application processes filters and effects up to 17 times faster than competing processors, so you can quickly get through that big batch of photos and move on to your next great project.1,2  


Below is the full list of filters and effects that come standard with AMD Photo Composer

Quality Enhancement Filters

  • Auto enhance - Auto adjust image settings
  • Backlit - Remove shadows
  • Night - Remove low light problems
  • Lab Correct - Offset fluorescent lighting
  • Clarity - Local contrast adjustment
  • Deblur - Remove blur or shake
  • Denoise - Remove specks and grain
  • Brightness - Increase luminance
  • Contrast - Emphasize differences
  • Saturation - Vividness of color image
  • Sharpen - More crisp and precise edges
  • Redeye - Remove red eye caused by flash
  • Whiten - Whiten teeth
  • Blemish - Remove blemishes

Original Effects

  • Singe - Light brown tint
  • Vivid - Higher contrast image
  • San Carmen - Color desaturation
  • Indiglow - Purple tint
  • Concorde - High contrast black and white
  • Aqua - Tinted green
  • Strato - Reddish tint
  • Laguna - Purple tint with glow
  • Ventura - Yellow tint
  • B&W – Black and white
  • Sepia - Color desaturation with brown tint
  • Soft Focus - Gaussian blur merged with original image

Nostalgia Effects

  • Siesta - Washed out
  • Cherry - Washed out with pink glow
  • FireFly - Washed out with yellow tint
  • Malibu - Bright pink glow
  • Vogue - Sketch
  • Fixie - Background washed out

Grunge Effects

  • Vigilante - Sepia with green tint
  • Mohawk - High contrast with sepia and saturation
  • Drifter - High contrast with sepia
  • Alice - High contrast sepia
  • Eddie - Sepia with red tint
  • Kurt - Green tint

Camera Effects

  • Periscope - Periscope view finder embedded in image
  • Chrono - Green view finder embedded in image
  • 24ZX - View finder embedded in image
  • Mark II - Scale on left side of image
  • Reflex - View finder embedded in image

New Effects

  • Clyde - Focus on center and darken edges
  • Avenue - High saturation with glow
  • Haas - Light green tint
  • Finch - Blue washed out effect
  • Zona - Pink tint
  • Lucky - Blue tint with high saturation
  • Dean - Heavy blue tint
  • Keylime - Blue and yellow tint
  • Marie - Blue tint with high contrast
  • Boardwalk - Sepia with blue tint
  • Sage - Fill flash effect
  • Metropolis – Black and white
  • Cruz - High saturation