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​AMD inspires embedded innovation

AMD is powering innovation and building partnerships to transform embedded experiences.

AMD Embedded Solutions

​Our technology helps bring your innovations to life

AMD embedded solutions are everywhere – powering, protecting, automating and simplifying industry. No matter what your business, from industrial automation to casino gaming to communications to digital signage and beyond, AMD’s embedded solutions offer innovative, advanced, scalable features designed to boost performance and capabilities while helping to reduce development, solution and operating costs.

​AMD Accelerated Processing Units (APU)

We've combined the performance of multicore processors and the power of AMD Radeon™ graphics on a single chip for a new level of immersion and interactivity

AMD DAS: Simplify your embedded system management

Simplify embedded system and mixed-environment management with open-source AMD DAS (DASH, AMD Virtualization [AMD-V™] Technology and Security).

HyperTransport™ technology

Helps reduce bottlenecks and enable today's faster microprocessors to help use system memory more efficiently

Resources for AMD Embedded Solutions

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