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Radeon Software Crimson Edition

​​Introducing Radeon Software Crimson Edition

Radeon Software Crimson Edition is AMD’s revolutionary new graphics software that delivers redesigned functionality, supercharged graphics performance, remarkable new features, and innovation that redefines the overall user experience.

AMD Gaming is on Twitch

AMD Gaming is on Twitch!

See the new AMD Catalyst Omega driver in action

We’re taking AMD Catalyst™ software to the next level

Engineered to unlock new capabilities in AMD APUs and AMD Radeon™ GPUs based on GCN architecture, AMD Catalyst™ Omega special edition driver delivers enhanced capabilities, additional performance, and even more reliability for your AMD-based PC at no extra cost.

  • Over 20 new features
  • Performance increases of up to 19% on AMD Radeon™ graphics1 and up to 29% on AMD APUs2
  • Significant number of bug fixes and improvements based on user feedback

Unprecedented control of performance and visual quality

Whether you are a videophile, gamer, professional developer, or simply want a better experience from your AMD-based PC, there is something here for everyone to love.

The AMD Catalyst™ Omega driver further extracts the true potential of GCN-enabled AMD APUs and GPUs with over 20 new software features so you can get even more from your AMD hardware experience. 

Empowering Customers

Extra Performance – No Extra Cost

When was the last time your PC purchase actually improved over time, without reaching into your wallet? You can now get an easy software upgrade that boosts performance up to 19% on AMD Radeon™ graphics1 and up to 29% on AMD APUs2 featuring GCN architecture.

Enjoy your UltraHD display now!

While UltraHD TVs and monitors are widely available, 4K content to enjoy them is not. Our AMD Catalyst™ Omega driver can convert 1080p videos to near-UltraHD quality on 4K displays through built-in UltraHD upsampling and detail enhancements.

Outstanding video quality that rivals most high-end TVs

Our Perfect Picture UltraHD technology strives for pixel-perfect images. This driver update is packed with new enhancements to make your visual experience second to none!

  • Smooth Blu-ray playback with lower power APUs3
  • Automatic video improvement through contour removal technology4
  • 1080p look-and-feel for lower-resolution video content through our 1080p detail enhancement feature5

Smooth and powerful gameplay

No driver update would be complete without boosted gameplay for core AMD enthusiasts! Here are just a few of the gamer-centric features:

  • Frame pacing enhancements for smoother dual graphics gameplay
  • Up to 4K quality gaming on 1080p HD displays through our Virtual Super Resolution (VSR) feature

Enabling Developers

The AMD Catalyst™ Omega driver update offers features and tools that enable developers to create powerful new applications. Here are just some of the update highlights:

  • OpenCL™ 2.0 Support extends application content reach and functionality based on industry standards
  • TressFX Hair 3.0 renders fur onto “skinned” geometries
  • AMD CodeXL Tools debugs, profiles, and analyzes applications while providing a real-time display of APU power consumption, core frequency, temperature changes, and voltage levels

Customer-Driven Improvements

AMD Catalyst™ updates are focused on improving graphics performance, including enhancements for popular DirectX®, Mantle and OpenGL game titles. Every AMD Catalyst™ driver release undergoes exhaustive testing but we set the bar even higher with this latest driver release. In addition to increasing our automated testing by ~65% with this release6, we also welcomed direct feedback from our most critical users on six of the largest PC communities ­­– all to ensure a user experience as intuitive, reliable, and enjoyable as possible.

AMD Catalyst™ delivers a full software solution for PC operating systems including Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows 8 and Linux® and supports AMD APUs and AMD Radeon™ graphics for desktops and notebook PCs.

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