Multi-Display Eyefinity Technology

See More. Do More.

We are taking you beyond the boundaries of traditional PC displays. AMD Eyefinity technology expands the traditional limits of desktop computing by multiplying your screen area. With multiple monitors, games become more immersive, workstations become more useful and you become more productive.

 For Gamers

Take your PC games to the next level of reality and immersion. Most modern games look great on three screens, and only AMD Radeon™ graphics offer you the ability to play across five screens for an eye-popping gaming experience. Other combinations and configurations with up to six screens work too.1 Create your dream display.

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 For Professionals

You wouldn’t work on a desk 24 inches across, so why tolerate constraints like that from your computer desktop?

View large scale models and multiple applications across several screens like they were a single display. Stop wasting time and missing information by switching between applications; enjoy the ability to see it all. Once you’ve experienced this kind of freedom, we don’t think you’ll ever want to go back.

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 For Developers

We aim to make it easy for game and software developers to take advantage of AMD Eyefinity technology. Give your users a panoramic experience they won’t forget.

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