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Radeon Rays (formerly AMD Fire​Rays) is a high efficiency, high performance GPU accelerated ray tracing software. By tracing the paths of light rays moving through a movie or game scene, Radeon Rays simulates the effects of light rays reflecting and refracting through an environment and interacting with virtual objects – for stunningly photorealistic 3D images.

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Radeon Rays is targeted at content developers seeking to harness the high-performance ray-tracing capabilities of AMD GPUs, CPUs, and APUs. Asynchronous compute engines within AMD's GCN-enabled graphics processors allow Radeon Rays to output the data for display into the ray-tracing viewport while the application is simultaneously driving the graphics engine.

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Open source and part of the GPUOpen initiative, Radeon Rays is easy to integrate, and supports all platforms conforming to the OpenCL™ 1.2 standard, enabling deployment with non-AMD hardware, and Windows, OS X, and Linux® operating systems. The second-generation Radeon Rays 2.0 release works with a variety of low-level APIs including OpenCL, Embree, and others. Radeon Rays is completely free — no-cost, open source, and license-free. AMD’s freely downloadable open source development tools and software enables developers to create and render photorealistic images and content that will make tomorrow’s ultra-immersive virtual reality experiences possible.