AMD Mobile

Stunning compute performance on the go

It’s a highly connected, instant-on, on-the-go world out there. Our innovations in mobile technology deliver the responsiveness, performance and battery life you need to stay connected and unplugged. ​

Woman Walking with Notebook

​Battery life that keeps you going

For laptop and tablet users, there are few things more frustrating than running out of battery life, and there’s rarely an outlet nearby when it happens. AMD Enduro™ technology helps minimize the need for a plug by optimizing your notebook’s battery life (without sacrificing performance) so you can stay unplugged and keep going.

Start Now Button Symbol

​Get up and running in no time

Sometimes, when you’re ready to log in and get connected to the digital world, your computer needs a little extra time to wake up. Luckily, with AMD Start Now technology you don’t have to waste precious moments of your time waiting for your computer to catch up to you. AMD Start Now delivers responsiveness similar to a tablet or smartphone on a variety of computers – including desktops, all-in-ones, laptops, and 2-in-1s – by taking you from sleep to wake mode in seconds.1

Wireless Icon

​Share content across screens instantly

When it comes to sharing content on your screen with other people, things can get messy. Either people huddle around the screen getting glimpses of what you’re trying to show them, or you have to deal with some serious cord chaos to connect to a bigger screen.  AMD Wireless Display makes it easy to share your games, videos, documents and photos across screens. It instantly connects you to other wireless devices, allowing you to share your content over the air, in vivid HD, with virtually stutter-free quality.2

AMD Accelerated Processing Units (APU)

We've combined the performance of multicore processors and the power of AMD Radeon™ graphics on a single chip for a new level of immersion and interactivity

AMD Compute Cores

AMD’s revolutionary APU packs a one-two punch for unparalleled computing power in less space1

AMD Enduro technology

Intelligent power features designed to maximize performance and power savings

Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA)

HSA harnesses the untapped potential of the GPU to deliver revolutionary levels of performance and performance-per-watt

AMD Start Now technology

AMD Start Now technology takes your PC from sleep to wake mode in a snap, for tablet-like responsiveness

AMD Wireless Display

Share content over the air in vivid HD with virtually stutter-free quality