AMD SKY Technology

​AMD SKY technology powers the ecosystem that enables AMD FirePro™ S-series server cards and AMD Radeon™ Sky series graphics cards to be used to power Visual Cloud applications in both commercial and consumer workflows.

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AMD FirePro S-series cards and AMD SKY technology enable high-quality Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Virtualized Workstation installations by accelerating graphics content via AMD GPUs deployed in the cloud. With AMD FirePro S-series cards, engineering, financial, educational, medical and other workstation applications can be used seamlessly by professional users working on thin or zero clients but with near-native response times, for a graphically rich and highly responsive experience.




​When AMD Radeon Sky series cards and AMD SKY technology are combined, service providers can stream multiple games from the cloud to consumers, delivering a high-quality, low-latency gaming experience to a wide variety of devices.

AMD SKY technology is compatible with middleware from third parties, like Ubitus, Eureva, G-Cluster and Leap Computing, and also features the AMD RapidFire SDK for optimal desktop or application remoting. There are a number of features that address the specific needs of each workflow. This simplifies the manipulation of key hardware controls and provides HD visual quality, minimal latency and optimal network bandwidth resulting in a compelling and responsive experience from any device over the Internet.



​AMD SKY Technology1

Hypervisor Support
  • VMware® ESXi
  • Citrix® XenServer
  • Microsoft® Hyper-V®
  • Xen Project

Multi-GPU System Support
(Configure mulitple GPUs in one system under a single hypervisor)

  • VMware vDGA
  • Xen Project

Shared GPU Support
(Enables multiple virtual machines to share a single GPU)

  • VMware vSGA
  • Microsoft RemoteFX®
  • Citrix XenApp
Remote Access and Display Software Support
  • HP Remote Graphics Software
  • Teradici PCoIP
  • AMD RapidFire SDK
  • AMD Eyefinity technology (up to six remote displays per GPU2)
Hardware Accelerated Codecs3
  • H.264 video encode and decode
  • Encoded HD resolution at 1920 x 1200 and 1280 x 720

 AMD RapidFire SDK

​A unique offering of AMD SKY technology, the AMD RapidFire SDK facilitates the use of our independent onboard H.264 encoder. Select AMD FirePro™ S-series and AMD Radeon™ Sky graphics cards are capable of encoding multiple simultaneous streams of H.264 at different resolutions and quality settings without significantly impacting GPU performance. The AMD RapidFire SDK helps ISVs to optimize the data encoding path to reduce latency and incorporates defined presets to minimize integration efforts and speed up development time. Further, the AMD RapidFire SDK simplifies the manipulation of key hardware parameters such as resolution, frame rate and bit rate control to minimize network bandwidth while delivering high-definition images.

Cloud gaming

With the AMD RapidFire SDK, cloud service providers and middleware cloud gaming vendors can seamlessly stream AAA titles or casual games over the Internet to a variety of consumer devices. AMD RapidFire SDK helps provide the flexibility of delivering multiple game streams at HD resolution. The end result is a console-quality gaming experience on virtually any device – including smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, notebooks and desktops. The benefit is a consolidated data center running an optimal number of games per GPU.


IT departments are increasingly moving employees to virtualized desktops or streaming applications that reside in the data center. The AMD RapidFire SDK works behind the scenes to help ensure that desktop or application delivery over the corporate network is as responsive as a local experience. This includes both the graphical imagery displayed on the screen as well as capturing user interaction, e.g., keyboard strokes or mouse movement. From power users to knowledge workers, AMD RapidFire SDK helps deliver a no-compromise remoted experience.

The AMD RapidFire SDK1 includes:

  • H.264 Encode
  • H.264 Decode
  • Desktop or window capture
  • Support for OpenGL 4.3, DirectX® 9 and 11.1
  • Remote user interface intercept (e.g., remote keyboard, mouse)

 AMD FirePro S-series

​Quick overview of AMD FirePro S-series for VDI and virtualized workstation

  S7000 S9000 S10000 Passive
GCN Stream Processors128017922x 1792
Single-Precision (GFLOPS)240032305910
Double-Precision (GFLOPS)1528061480
On-board Memory4GB GDDR56GB GDDR56GB or 12GB GDDR5
ECC Memory SupportNoYesYes
Memory Bandwidth154264480
InterfacePCIe 3.0, Single slotPCIe 3.0, Dual slotPCIe 3.0, Dual slot
Max Power150W225W375W
CoolingPassive heat sinkPassive heat sinkPassive heat sink
Driver SupportAMD FirePro onlyAMD FirePro onlyAMD FirePro only


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 AMD Radeon Sky Series

​Quick overview of AMD Radeon Sky series for cloud gaming

  Sky 500 Sky 700 Sky 900
GCN Stream Processors128017922x 1792
AMD SKY TechnologyYesYesYes
Single-Precision (GFLOPS)240032305910
Double-Precision (GFLOPS)1528061480
# of Concurrent Game Streams4Up to six mainstream or casual gamesUp to six high-performance HD games

Six or more high-performance HD games


On-board Memory4GB GDDR56GB GDDR56GB GDDR5
Memory Bandwidth154264480
InterfacePCIe 3.0, Single slotPCIe 3.0, Dual slotPCIe 3.0, Dual slot
Max Power150W225W300W
CoolingPassive heat sinkPassive heat sinkPassive heat sink
Driver SupportAMD Radeon onlyAMD Radeon onlyAMD Radeon only


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