Surround Computing

​Intelligent, immersive, multi-platform interactivity -- everywhere

AMD’s innovative technologies enable smarter, intuitive surround computing, whether it’s audio, video, multi-platform, immersive interaction, or managing data from the cloud.

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​AMD innovation leads the way

With over 3 billion Internet users, 10 million data centers expected by 2016, and an estimated 30 billion connected sensors and devices by 2020, computing becomes more integrated and essential to our lives every day. And once again AMD leads the way. Whether it’s audio, video, multi-platform, immersive interaction, or managing data from the cloud, AMD’s technology innovations make it all possible.

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​Smarter clients for more natural interaction

The primary job of a client device is to interact with people. Incredible opportunities exist beyond the keyboard for increased realism, gesture and voice interaction, face and eye tracking, and biometric response. These “natural” UIs demand extremely computationally intense, real-time processing. AMD innovations continue to push the envelope to accelerate and enable these solutions.

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​Smarter clouds, smarter servers for the big data revolution

Optimized server and datacenter architecture is crucial for tackling the exponential growth rate of raw data. Take ever-increasing demand from the cloud; the booming demand for graphics-intensive processing; and the rise of highly parallelizable workloads. Then fold in the scale needed to support millions of connected devices with ever increasing display resolutions, the need to accelerate app back-end such as NUI, graphics, and analytics, and to add security -- all delivered in real time. AMD meets these challenges, as well as real concerns about energy efficiency and space needs. HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture) provides the power and efficiency to meet these demands.

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​Building blocks for surround computing

AMD’s APUs, CPU and graphics cores, fixed function cores and DSPs, along with our intense graphics processing capabilities and innovative software, are the tools you need in today’s era of surround computing.  Our goal is to offer ambidextrous solutions in both x86 and ARM, for performance and power efficiency in established and up-and-coming workloads. AMD provides supercomputing solutions at commercial cost and power to enable the surround computing revolution.

AMD accelerated processing units (APUs)

By combining graphics and processing power on a single chip, AMD APUs enable lightweight, power-efficient PCs that deliver a superior visual experience

Heterogeneous system architecture (HSA)

Revolutionary HSA architecture enables lighter, sleeker devices with longer battery life and powerful, next-generation visual experiences

SurRound House 2: Monsters in the Orchestra

AMD’s immersive 3D musical experience, directed by full 360-degree gesture control off a single AMD chip