Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope

Serious Sam VR


Serious Sam is back! And this time it's REAL!

Have you ever wondered what it's really like to be Serious Sam? Have you ever wanted to fight Mental's alien hordes with your own two hands? Well, now you can! Step into the shoes of the Earth Defense Force's greatest hero in this unique VR simulation based on Sam Stone's own log files from his time as captain of the Battlecruiser Saratoga. Experience the missions that turned Captain Stone into the legend that he is today.


Tons of enemies – Hordes of attacking enemies have always been a trademark of the Serious Sam series, and Serious Sam: The Last Hope continues to deliver countless terrors in just one scene, harnessing the serious power of the Serious Engine 4.5.

Tons of guns – Dual-wield miniguns, tommy guns, heavy lasers, shotguns, and an assortment of other guns. Oh, and chainsaws, too! More then 10 different weapons, including the rocket launcher, will be available from the beginning of Early Access, and Sam's lethal armory will be regularly expanded in future updates.

Planet-hopping action – Battle across treacherous Egyptian sands, in the pitch-dark under ancient ruins, and on the surface of Pladeon, the long-abandoned heart of a great industrial civilization. Early Access starts with two planets, each with four different locations, while more of Sam's adventures across the galaxy will become available in future updates.

Dick's back, too! – Featuring the voice of Serious Sam, John. J. Dick, dropping one-liners as you drop enemies.

Cry for Mummy - Defeat Mental's most powerful servants, starting with the Unholy Space Mummy of Gamma Pegasi, a huge, terrifying, undead monstrosity brought to life with dark magic - as dangerous as it is smelly! And that's just the first boss.

Hyper-immersive realism – Graphics so good that if you die in the simulation, you die in the real world!*

*Might or might not be entirely true. But Croteam tested it and is pretty sure it works the other way around.

Early Access –  After receiving great feedback at Reboot Develop, E3, Gamescom and PAX, Croteam listened to fans and has been working around the clock to bring Serious Sam VR to you as soon as possible. Early Access gives you not only a chance to check out the game while it's still being developed, but it's also an opportunity for Croteam to listen to your feedback and make the best game possible. Please bear in mind that occasional bugs are to be expected, but so are new features, tweaks and major additions to content.  

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