AMD Radeon™ to Enable Exciting New Optimizations and Enhancements for Popular China Game, Monster Hunter Online

Game physics, lighting effects, multi-display and improved performance coming to leading MMORPG for gamers and i-cafés​

Shenzhen, China 1/12/2016

​AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today announced it is collaborating with Tencent Games to bring new features, performance and functionality to Monster Hunter Online (MHO) in January, a leading massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) for the China market.

These improvements will significantly enhance the gaming experience for gamers and i-café players, including:

  • AMD TressFX for natural hair and fur: Building on the world's first real-time hair physics system, TressFX enables hair, fur and grass to look real and react to movement and weather in the game environment. With the planned roll-out of TressFX in MHO by the end of January 2016, monsters will come to life with natural-looking fur making them seem more realistic while delivering a more immersive gaming experience.
  • AMD Eyefinity technology for multi-display gaming1: AMD Radeon™ graphics offers the ability to play across five screens for a 180-degree gaming experience. With a wide range of combinations and configurations involving up to six displays, gamers can create their dream display setup that will allow them to survey the landscape to find the best target, or ratchet up the intensity in action-packed battles.
  • Improved performance through Radeon Software updates: Gamers will benefit from increased performance and improved stability through AMD Radeon Software updates, helping ensure gamers always have the best experience in MHO. The recent release of Radeon Software Crimson Edition brings supercharged performance and energy efficiency to gamers, enabling up to 20 percent more game performance2, and up to 1.8 times more GPU energy-efficiency3 than the previous version.
  • Forward+ rendering optimization for more realistic lighting – MHO gamers will enjoy more realistic lighting without performance degradation using rendering optimizations that render many light sources and then cull and store only those visible to the user, delivering exceptional-looking scenes with minimal impact on frame rates.

Beyond the features, performance and functionality improvements, AMD and Tencent also announced a marketing collaboration around MHO in China, including the first cross media “pan-entertainment” contest co-sponsored by Tencent, AMD and Sapphire, including promotions with i-Cafés and university campuses around the country. AMD will also offer customized PCs and AMD Radeon™ graphics cards for MHO throughout Mainland China.

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