AMD & Partners Declare March "Virtualization Ecosystem Month"


WHAT: To celebrate its established leadership in hardware-assisted virtualization technology and the innovation of its virtualization partners, AMD declares March “Virtualization Ecosystem Month.” Throughout March, AMD and valued virtualization software partners including Citrix, Microsoft, Oracle, Novell, Parallels, Red Hat, Sun Microsystems, Virtual Iron and VMware will participate in awareness activities about each company's important role in the widening adoption of virtualization technology.

WHY: Understanding the evolving demands placed on today’s datacenter—and the dedicated IT professionals managing this technology progression—Virtualization Ecosystem Month will drive awareness about the evolution of virtualization. As it becomes a mainstream technology for businesses of all sizes, virtualization software partners provide interesting and varied perspectives on the opportunities and challenges customers face as they look to deploy the technology. AMD will highlight these software partner perspectives throughout the month of March.

AMD works with a dynamic ecosystem of virtualization software partners to ensure its hardware provides a high-performance and power-efficient foundation for running their software. During the past six years, AMD worked alongside these companies to mature the unique virtualization capabilities of the AMD Quad-Core Opteron™ processor and ensure that it efficiently handles the complexity of virtualization.

WHERE: Online activities throughout the month will include:

AMD QUOTE: “AMD always values the collaborative relationship we have with our software partners, and we believe these relationships contribute to the health of the virtualization industry,” said Margaret Lewis, director, commercial solutions and software, AMD. “Throughout March, AMD and our virtualization partners will provide multi-faceted perspectives on the role of the technology in maximizing datacenter resources, the benefits and ROI that can be achieved when virtualizing a datacenter, and the exciting technology advancements in store for virtual machines in 2009 and beyond. Given all the planned activities, this should be an exciting month for our technology partners and the industry.”

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