Workgroup Clusters Powered By Six-Core AMD Opteron™ Processors Now Available From Nor-Tech

Burnsville, MN, USA 6/1/2009

Nor-Tech is pleased to announce Workgroup Clusters are now available with Six-Core AMD Opteron™ processor-based servers.

Workgroup Clusters featuring Six-Core AMD Opteron processor-based servers provide the performance efficiency to handle real world workloads, with superior value and energy efficiency.

A variety of power optimization technologies are built into AMD Opteron processors, including AMD PowerNow!™ technology, AMD CoolCore™ technology, and Dual Dynamic Power Management™ – innovations that help reduce energy use and cost, making AMD Opteron processor-based servers among the “greenest” anywhere.

The Six-Core AMD Opteron™ processor also features HyperTransport™ 3.0 technology (HT3), which helps improve overall system balance and scalability for HPC computing environments.

“AMD is pleased to work with Nor-Tech to deliver flexible HPC solutions to a wide range of customers,” said John Fruehe, director, Business Development, Server and Workstation and division, AMD (NYSE: AMD). “Nor-Tech’s Workgroup Clusters take particular advantage of the superior scalability and efficiency in demanding compute environments of the Six-Core AMD Opteron processor, helping to meet the needs of customers’ varying workloads.”

Further advancing Nor-Tech’s commitment to bring high-performance computing to the masses, the Workgroup Cluster is designed for organizations with a demand for shared, inter-departmental HPC. Workgroup Clusters are housed in a secure, lightweight cabinet that rolls easily from room to room. The cabinets feature gridded ventilation for maximum airflow and quick-release side panels and doors allow for convenient maintenance. Workgroup Clusters run on standard 120VAC 20-amp circuits, making them an extremely flexible HPC solution.

Ushering in a new era of onsite supercomputing, Portable Clusters by Nor-Tech bring high-performance computers out of the server closet and into the field. The complete Portable Cluster suite includes the extremely mobile Portable Cluster, the military-rated Ruggedized Portable Cluster, the internally cooled Fully-Sealed Portable Cluster, and the lightweight, versatile Workgroup Cluster. These mobile supercomputers run cool, save energy and are able to operate up to 128 compute cores on two 120VAC 20-amp circuits.

About Nor-Tech

Nor-Tech manufactures high-performance clusters, computer systems, and servers which it sells to a large variety of customers in the United States and internationally. Nor-Tech is recognized as the 2nd largest custom system builder in the country, producing thousands of PCs and Servers each month at its 60,000 sq. ft. facility in Burnsville, MN. Nor-Tech has nearly a decade of experience with High-Performance, High-Availability and Visualization Clusters based on both Windows CCS and many Linux distributions. This has provided opportunities to develop and configure clusters for a wide variety of scientific applications, including projects funded by the NSF, NIH and DARPA. As the exclusive manufacturer of Voyageur PC, Nor-Tech enjoys partnerships with industry leaders and is classified as an AMD Platinum Solutions Provider and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Nor-Tech’s Portable Cluster was awarded Most Innovative Server Product by CRN magazine in April 2008. For more information on Nor-Tech’s complete line of cluster solutions, visit: