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 AMD Radeon™ HD 6970M MXM V3.0 Module

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Superior single-precision, floating-point performance

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​The AMD Radeon™ E6970 MXM V3.0 module delivers high-performance, single-precision, floating-point capabilities for compute intensive applications in a low-profile, industry-standardized module. Based on the Mobile PCI Express® Module (MXM) Version 3.0, Type B board specification, this module is ideal where a production-ready, fast-time-to-market sub-system module is required. This module enables an easy and low-risk performance and feature upgrade to systems with an existing MXM Version 3.0 Type B module.

  • OPN: 100-K00155, with no thermal solution


  • Superior single-precision, floating-point performance
  • Graphics, multimedia and compute capabilities1
  • Industry standard interface and form factor
  • Based on mobile PCIe® MXM Version 3.0, Type B
  • Low-profile, compact, fast-time to market module
  • 3 year supply with dedicated support2