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 AMD Geode™ LX Processor Family

AMD Geode LX 900@1.5W embedded processor

​​x86 power and versatility for embedded applications

The AMD Geode™ 600@0.7W Processor,1 AMD Geode™ LX 700@0.8W processor,2 AMD Geode LX800@0.9W processor3 and AMD Geode LX 900@1.5W processor4 bring x86 power and versatility to applications for entertainment, business, education and embedded markets.



Windows® and Linux Compatible

Natively runs Windows® and Linux based applications

Support for Portable Devices

Full Internet browser experience on portable devices

Ready to Go

No software porting needed - programs run without modification

32-Bit Compatible

Access to the full universe of 32-bit x86 software


  • Processor frequency
    • LX 900, up to 600MHz
    • LX 800, up to 500MHz
    • LX 700, up to 433MHz
    • LX 600, up to 366MHz
  • 64K I/64K D L1 cache and 128K L2 cache
  • Split I/D cache/TLB (translation look-aside buffer)
  • 64-bit DDR memory interface up to 600MHz (LX 900), up to 400MHz (LX 800), up to 333MHz (LX 700) and up to 366MHz (LX 600)
  • Integrated FPU that supports the Intel MMX™ and AMD 3DNow!™ technology instruction sets
  • 9 GB/s internal GeodeLink™ interface unit (GLIU)
  • Security Block
    • 128-bit AES (CBC/ECB)
    • True random number generator
  • High-resolution CRT and TFT outputs (simultaneous operation)
    • Support for high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) standards
    • Support 1920x1440 in CRT mode and 1600x1200 in TFT mode
  • VESA 1.1 and 2.0 VIP/VDA support
  • 0.13 micron process
  • 481-terminal PBGA (plastic ball grid array) with internal heatspreader

Power management

  • 2.6W Typical (5.1W TDP) @ 600MHz
  • 1.8W Typical (3.6W TDP) @ 500MHz
  • 1.3W Typical (3.1W TDP) @ 433MHz
  • 1.2W Typical (2.8W TDP) @ 366MHz
  • GeodeLink active hardware power management
  • Hardware support for standard ACPI software power management
  • I/O companion SUSP#/SUSPA# power controls
  • Lower power I/O
  • Wakeup on SMI/INTR
  • Optional In-package 2KBit EEPROM

Ordering information

  • OPN:
    • ALXG900EEYJ2VH
    • ALXD800EEXJ2VF
    • ALXD800EEXJ2VC
    • ALXD800EEXJ2VD
    • ALXC700EETH2VC
    • ALXC700EETH2VD
    • ALXC600EETK2VD



​With a minimum availability of seven years from the date of product launch, AMD Geode LX processors help to maximize your ROI. The following models will be available and supported through the fourth quarter of 2017:

AMD Geode™ LX Processor

Product LineOPNCoresFrequencyLTB*LTS**Power
Geode LXALXC600EETK2VD13662017-22017-42.8W
Geode LXALXC700EETH2VC    C314332017-22017-43.1W
Geode LXALXC700EETH2VD    C314332017-22017-43.1W
Geode LXALXC700EETHCVC    C314332017-22017-43.1W
Geode LXALXC700EETHCVD    C314332017-22017-43.1W
Geode LXALXD800EEXJ2VC    C315002017-22017-43.6W
Geode LXALXD800EEXJ2VD    C315002017-22017-43.6W
Geode LXALXD800EEXJ2VF    C315002017-22017-43.6W
Geode LXALXD800EEXJCVC    C315002017-22017-43.6W
Geode LXALXD800EEXJCVD    C315002017-22017-43.6W
Geode LXALXG900EEYJ2VH    C316002017-22017-45.1W
Geode LXCS5536AC          B1Chipset1002017-22017-41W
Geode LXCS5536AD          B1Chipset1002017-22017-4.65W
Geode LXCS5536AF           B1Chipset1002017-22017-4.65W
*LTB = last time buy. This is the final date that a customer can place an order.
**LTS = last time ship. This is the final date that AMD will ship the product.