AMD Geode™ LX DB800 Development Board

AMD Geode™ LX DB800 development board

Comprehensive development tool for embedded and industrial x86 applications

The AMD Geode™ LX DB800 development board is a complete Computer-On-Module (COM), x86-compatible development tool designed to enable developers to quickly create embedded or industrial computing products using the AMD Geode™ LX 800@0.9W processor.* Applications include a variety of set-top boxes and thin-client industrial or embedded consumer products.


Product Features

A Complete Development System

The LX DB800 development board tool suite includes two separate components: the CPU Module Board and the Base Board. Developers can easily design these components into finished products without modification – simplifying the development process and leading to faster time-to-market cycles. All components are designed to maximize the low-power; high-performance characteristics of the AMD Geode LX 800@0.9W processor; which provides the highest performance per watt in the industry today.

Optimum Flexibility With a Small Form Factor

The AMD Geode LX DB800 development board is ideal for virtually any embedded or industrial application that requires low power consumption, high performance, small size and reliability. The development board measures 170mm x 170mm and includes a 500MHz processor. Based on the Logic Product Development design ETX Single Board Computer; the two-board configuration can be leveraged for maximum flexibility. Designed to run all leading x86-based operating systems, the system enables developers to easily use the existing library of x86 application and development software tools.

Leverage the AMD Commitment to Low-Power x86 Technology

The LX DB800 development board is one element of the full suite of high-performance, low-power tools AMD has developed to apply the power of x86 technology to a variety of consumer electronics. The AMD commitment to x86 gives designers the power to create freely – and develop products for thin-client, embedded or industrial applications that support all leading operating systems and the universe of x86 programs.