AMD FirePro™ R5000 Remote Graphics

AMD FirePro™ R5000 remote graphics card

​​AMD FirePro™ R5000 remote graphics is AMD's second generation PCoIP based solution for remoting multi-monitor workstation computing experiences.


AMD FirePro™ R5000 remote graphics is AMD’s second generation PCoIP based solution for remoting multi-monitor workstation computing experiences. Its sophisticated transmission and compression capabilities enable a true PC experience with full multi-monitor 3D and video support. Delivering uncompromised quality of graphics and a user experience on par with physical desktop workstations, AMD FirePro™ R5000 is capable of remoting up to four 1920x1200 resolution displays per user (requires compatible Teradici based client device, e.g. Dell Wyse P45).

AMD FirePro™ R5000 is a flexible, manageable and secure solution for powering remote workstation computing experiences. With AMD FirePro™ R5000 remote graphics centrally located in the data center, IT can accommodate flexible seating arrangements and get employees up and running more quickly. Because the remote graphics cards sit securely in the data center, AMD FirePro™ R5000 can help IT protect corporate IP and keep sensitive data safeguarded, intact and uncompromised. Data never leaves the data center and all transmissions are encrypted.

  • Does not require users to be within a set distance of the solution or require fiber optic cables to transmit data, unlike other remote graphics solutions
  • Can help IT minimize operating costs and time spent on servicing individual systems, increase asset utilization density and secure critical data
  • Clone remote displays locally for monitoring or ease of troubleshooting
  • Features support for AMD PowerTune technology and maximum power consumption of <150W ─ helping to minimize power and cooling costs 
  • Features 102 GB/s memory bandwidth and 2GB GDDR5 memory, 4X the memory and nearly 8x the memory bandwidth  than AMD’s first generation RG220/RG220A remote workstation graphics1 products


Teradici PCoIP Host Processor

Based on Teradici's powerful TERA2240 host processor designed to relocate Windows® or Linux®-based workstations into the datacenter and connect with a PCoIP thin/zero client remotely without impacting application performance.

Multi-Monitor Support

Sophisticated transmission and compression capabilities enable a true PC experience with full multi-monitor 3D and video support. Remote up to four displays at 1920 x 1200 resolution (requires compatible Teradici Tera2 based client device, e.g. Dell Wyse P45 zero), allowing users to multi-task with ease.

Secure Computing

Sensitive data and intellectual property stay in the datacenter – just pixels leave. Supports fully encrypted sessions, including support for NSA defined Suite B security protocols.


Allows the GPU to process geometry data at a rate of twice per clock cycle resulting is a doubling in the rate of primitive and vertex processing. Triangle rates increase two-fold relative to a GPU that does not possess GeometryBoost.

Energy Efficient Design

Single-slot form factor consumes <150W maximum power, and features support for AMD PowerTune technology.

AMD PowerTune

AMD PowerTune is an intelligent system that performs real-time analysis of applications that utilize a GPU. In the event that an application is not making the most of the power available to the GPU, AMD PowerTune can improve that application's performance by raising the GPU's clock speed by up to 30 percent - automatically.



  • Size/Type: 2GB GDDR5
  • Interface: 256-bit
  • Bandwidth: 102 GB/s

Display Outp​uts and Connectors

  • Drive up to six displays
    • Features two Mini DisplayPort outputs  for local displays connected directly to R5000
    • Capable of powering up to four displays remotely via compatible client device 
  • One Ethernet port

Maximum ​​​Resolution

  • 1920x1200 – on up to four remote displays2 at 60Hz
  • 2560x1600 – on up to two remote displays (requires an adapter that combines two client ports into one)

API a​nd OS Support

  • DirectX® 11.1
  • OpenGL 4.2
  • OpenCL™ 1.2
  • Shader Model 5.0
  • AMD CrossFire™ Pro Support: No
  • OS Support: Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows 8 or Linux® (32-bit or 64-bit)

Cooling/Power/Form F​actor

  • Max Power: 150W
  • Slots: One
  • Form Factor: Full height / full length 
  • Bus Interface: PCI® x16
  • Cooling: Active fan

System Require​ments

  • Single available PCIe® x16 lane, 3.0 for optimal performance 
  • 2GB system memory
  • Internet access for software installation 
  • Power supply and one 2x3 (6-pin) AUX power connector
  • PCoIP-capable thin or zero client device required for remote connectivity; Dell Wyse P45 zero client or other Teradici Tera2 based device required for remoting four displays
  • Microsoft® Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows 8 or Linux® (32-bit or 64-bit)

Warranty and S​upport

  • Three year limited product repair/replacement warranty
  • Direct toll free phone and email access to dedicated workstation technical support team3 
  • Advanced parts replacement option

 Application Certifications

AMD FirePro™ professional graphics cards are tested against a battery of simulations and real-world scenarios using rigorous certification processes to ensure their readiness for demanding professional use.

The AMD FirePro™ R5000 remote graphics card combines a professional grade GPU and a Teradici TERA2240 PCoIP host processor into a single-wide PCIe® card. It is the only such stand-alone solution currently in the market .

The AMD FirePro™ R5000 professional graphics card is certified by the following software vendors for compatibility and performance with the following applications:


  • AutoCAD® 2014/2013/2012
  • Inventor® 2014
  • Revit® 2014/2013/2012


  • MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 3)

Dassault Systèmes

  • SOLIDWORKS 2014/2013/2012

Siemens PLM Software

  • NX 8.5/8.0
  • Teamcenter Visualization 8.01/8.0/2007
  • Tecnomatix 9.1.2
  • Solid Edge ST6

To download the latest AMD FirePro™ R5000 graphics card driver, click here.