AMD FX-7500 APU Performance Benchmarks

Unbeatable performance

Get the performance boost you need to fuel your work and play – with up to 10 compute cores (4 CPU + 6 GPU),* the AMD FX-7500 exceeds the competition in graphics, compute and productivity performance benchmarks.1,2,3

Faster graphics

The AMD FX-7500 APU delivers the graphics performance you need to power astounding visual experiences in your gameplay and entertainment, with up to 137% the performance of the comparable i7-4500U processor.1

Better compute performance

With up to 1.5x the system performance of the competitive i7-4500U processor, the AMD FX-7500 APU gives you the edge in both gaming and multitasking.2

Powerful productivity

The AMD FX-7500 performance APU offers similar productivity as the i7-4500U processor.3

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