AMD 6th Generation Processors Coming Soon!




 AMD Financial Analyst Day 2015

Check out a recap of all strategy, technology and product updates from Financial Analyst Day


 What is HEVC and why should you care?

​​Learn what you need to know about High-Efficiency Video Compression and what it can do for you in your next PC.

 AMD’s Energy Efficiency Target: 25x improvement by 2020

​AMD expects to increase the efficiency of its processors 25x by the end of 2020 through heterogeneous computing, real-time power management and energy efficiency design innovations.

AMD Chip

 “Carrizo” ISSCC Press Release

​Read the press release from AMD around what was revealed at the 2015 International Solid-State Circuits Conference.

 Understanding Your Processor’s IQ

Like our brains, processors have two separate components for handling logical and creative information. Watch this video to learn more about Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) and AMD APUs.


 Energy Efficiency Whitepaper

​Learn more about energy efficiency in this detailed whitepaper from AMD.