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You think you know AMD. But do you know AMD Embedded Solutions? We are more than just the chips that power embedded devices. AMD Embedded Solutions are virtually everywhere, underlying a landscape of technology that enables users to interact with the world in revolutionary ways, empowering embedded designers to bring the next generation of amazing user experiences to reality. What you know is only the beginning.


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Xxpress DNA replication machine

​AMD Embedded G-Series APUs Help Make DNA Replication More Intuitive

Solution provides high-speed process for thermal cycling of DNA within a platform so simple nearly any lab technician can use it

G-Series chip

​AMD Embedded Solutions Guide

AMD technology partners continue to develop boards and solutions around AMD Embedded products, including the AMD Embedded G-Series SOC

Robotic Arm

​Remote Management for Industrial Control & Automation Applications

Leverage AMD's DASH reference design to avoid starting from scratch and quickly implement a cost-effective remote management solution on your design


 Customers Say

The AMD Embedded G-Series APU delivered very well for the selected application and environment. This solution provides unmatched performance when you take into account the power consumption and size requirements.

- Moti Butrashvily, CEO, CASS

The AMD Embedded G-Series APU within the CURRERA-G PC camera helps enable a fully optimized data path from image sensor to application, eliminating CPU overhead during image data delivery.

- Max Larkin, CEO, Ximea

We had looked at other processors, but the graphics were only decent. At the time, someone mentioned the APU with better integration of graphics right on the silicon – which was ideal.

- Nick Burroughs, COO, BJS Biotechnologies

With AMD Embedded R-Series APUs at the heart of Quixant’s QX-40 casino gaming controllers, casino game developers are afforded unprecedented gains in graphics performance, power and cooling efficiencies, space savings and multi-display flexibility to help them achieve their most ambitious game design goals.

- Nick Jarmany, Managing Director, Quixant