Digital Signage and Interactive Presentations

​Welcome to the future of digital signage

We are an established player in the digital signage market here at AMD, delivering high-performance graphics with AMD FirePro™ graphics and AMD Eyefinity technology. AMD FirePro graphics solutions for display walls are built for demanding applications and offer the level of performance, visual quality and scalability needed in cutting-edge display signage configurations today.​

digital signage

AMD Firepro™ W600 card fast facts:

AMD Firepro™ W600  
  • ​Support multi-stream audio for more immersive surround sound experiences​
  • ​Features six Mini DisplayPort outputs​ for high display density and deployment flexibility
  • ​Features a full height/half length form factor​
  • ​2 GDDR5 graphic​​s memory
  • ​​75W maximum power consumption
  • ​​PCIe® x16 bus interface, PCIe® 3.0 compliant​

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Flexibly configure multidisplay setups

Today, solutions are rapidly evolving from single-screen setups displaying static images or prerecorded video. System integrators and hardware and software vendors are seeking to push technological boundaries and employ more compelling solutions using dynamic media with interactive user interfaces and multiple high-resolution displays.

​​AMD Eyefinity multidisplay

AMD FirePro graphics and AMD Eyefinity multidisplay technology enable up to six displays to be driven from a single graphics card.1 Using only one system with multiple AMD FirePro cards, it is possible to create large display walls with 12 screens and more. We and our partners offer you a maximum in display density and scalability with proven technology capable of meeting all your digital out-of-home (DOOH) needs.


Leading-edge display scalability

2x AMD FirePro™ W9100 and S4000 Sync Module

2x AMD FirePro™ W9100 and S400 Sync Module​

​​Drive 12 or more​ screens from a single desktop or workstation.​​
  • ​​Select AMD FirePro™ cards with AMD Eyefinity technology feature up to six display outputs from a single GPU1
  • Use two AMD FirePro™ W9100 cards to drive up to 12 screens or projectors
  • An optional ATI FirePro™ S400 Framelock/Genlock synchronization module when synchronization to external sources is required or to support 3-D rendering synchronization of multiple GPUs in different systems
  • AMD FirePro W9100 features six Mini DisplayPort display outputs and supports DisplayPort 1.2 for a maximum per display resolution of 4096 x 2160

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 Customer Stories

​See how AMD FirePro™ graphics enable our customers:


Hublot boutiques feature picture-perfect video display walls to promote their range of award-winning watches


LK-AG uses AMD FirePro™ professional graphics to bring big ideas to life


Brandfirst and Olileo create a powerful presence for Deloitte using AMD FirePro™ professional graphics technology

Stony Brook University

Scientists and engineers interact naturally with big data in the world’s largest resolution-immersive display using AMD FirePro™ workstation graphics


How Stereolize is using AMD FirePro™ professional graphics to create breathtaking displays


AMD FirePro™ professional graphics and AMD Eyefinity technology help Ventuz and its customers push the boundaries for real-time, interactive presentations