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​​​Designed and thoroughly tested by AMD, AMD FirePro™ professional graphics processing units (GPUs) are the choice of professionals in the manufacturing industry who rely on their power for their demanding Computer Aided Design (CAD) and manufacturing and engineering needs. AMD FirePro combines cutting-edge technologies, app certification and optimizations as well as professional-grade support to deliver outstanding workflow performance, application experience and reliability, all at a great value.

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Efficiently balance compute tasks with 3-D workloads

Today, many applications use the GPU not only to accelerate 3-D graphics, but also to off-load computational-intense tasks such as rendering and simulations using OpenCL™ from the CPU. The latest generation of AMD FirePro™ GPUs with Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture has been designed to efficiently balance compute tasks with 3-D workloads, enabling multitasking that is designed to optimize utilization and maximize performance, from a single card.

AMD FirePro™ V2100

Professional graphics starts here

AMD FirePro™ W2100 GPU


  • Certified for many CAD and M&E apps
  • Great performance for projects ranging from low to moderate complexity
  • 2GB of dedicated graphics memory
  • Display Port 1.2a for use with 4K displays


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Good - Extreme performance for your budget

AMD FirePro™ W4100: In a class of its own

Great for:

  • Small to medium 3D models
  • Lower complexity projects
  • Quad-display workflows


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AMD FirePro™ V4100
AMD FirePro™ V5100

Better - The ideal balance

AMD FirePro™ W5100: Tackle larger projects with 4GB of graphics memory, 4K support and quad-display connectivity​​

Great for:

  • Medium-sized 3D models
  • Moderately complex projects
  • Quad-display workflows


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Best - Create breakthrough projects

AMD FirePro™ W7100: The Ultimate Workstation Solution

Great for:

  • Medium to large 3D models
  • Advanced real-time visualization
  • Advanced simulation tasks


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Need more simulation performance?
Check out the AMD FirePro™ W8100

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AMD FirePro™ V7100


Optimized and certified for leading workstation applications

AMD FirePro™ professional graphics solutions are optimized and certified for leading workstation applications and ensure ultrahigh geometry performance and smooth handling of complex models. New levels of performance make these cards a prime choice for compute-intense applications.

A complete list of certified applications can be found here

For a printable overview of all major certified applications and recommended cards, please download