AMD FirePro™ and MAXON

​​Take Your 3D to the Maximum


Optimised and certified performance

AMD FirePro™ professional graphics cards and their unified drivers are tested, optimised and certified by AMD, giving you optimised performance and reliability when using Cinema 4D. The latest generation of AMD FirePro cards feature the new Graphics Core Next (GCN) GPU architecture from AMD which delivers new levels of graphics and compute performance from a single card, making AMD FirePro your ideal choice to take Cinema 4D’s new sculpting, physics and global illumination capabilities to the maximum.

moon 3d render

​Break through previous limitations and bring your designs to life

Applying high-resolution textures and more complex lighting techniques to your scenes represent yet another challenge for your system since data sizes increase quickly as you add more realism. The new AMD FirePro W5000 features 2GB of fast GDDR5 memory, offering twice as much memory than its closest competitor². More than 100GB/s of memory bandwidth and PCI Express 3.0 means that even the largest textures can be loaded into the frame buffer at high speed and without slowing down your workflow.

​Accelerate your workflow

Keeping full visual control of your Cinema 4D workflow becomes increasingly challenging when using supporting apps like Adobe® After Effects or Adobe® Photoshop at the same time. AMD FirePro graphics cards feature AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology¹ and can help improve your productivity by using three or more displays. Run your 3D viewport on your center display and your palette, menus as well as any supporting apps on two adjacent screens.

AMD Eyefinity
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​New levels of computational performance

Take advantage of exceptional performance in intensive non-3D tasks such as effects processing and video rendering, without having to buy a second board. AMD FirePro cards based on the latest GCN GPU architecture use a 28nm design and deliver increased compute performance to handle such advanced effects and are the perfect match for the physics tools in Cinema 4D. This makes the effects of aerodynamic forces, springs and breaks look more authentic than ever.

​Tackle increased model complexity with ease

To create your best possible CG, VFX and motion graphics for broadcast, you need to be working on previews that are as near to the final animation as possible, so you can model and animate efficiently and produce renders that are exactly as you want them to be. To do this, workstation-class graphics will give you fast frame rates and high-quality previews keeping pace with your needs. The latest generation of AMD FirePro graphics is ideal for such workflows.

The new Geometry Boost feature will processes twice as much geometry data per clock cycle as previous generation cards, essentially doubling performance with increasingly complex meshes. Geometry Boost is the ideal match for the Cinema 4D Sculpt system which allows more organic modelling for better-looking models.

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​Discover how Cinema 4D seamlessly integrates with Adobe After Effects, and how AMD is helping users get the most from their applications.

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​AMD GCN Stream Processors​768​1792​2560
​Compute Performance
(Single Precision)
​Geometry Boost​Yes​Yes​Yes
​Memory Bandwidth​96 GB/s​160 GB/s​320 GB/s
​Physical Display Outputs​Four Mini-DisplayPort 1.2a​Four DisplayPort 1.2a​Four DisplayPort 1.2
​Total Display Outputs with AMD Eyefinity and DisplayPort 1.2a¹​6​6​6
​Ready for 4K (UHD)​Yes​Yes​Yes
​System Interface​PCIe 3.0, Single-Slot​PCIe 3.0, Single-Slot​PCIe 3.0, Dual-Slot

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