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Put AMD Opteron™ processors at the core of the solution for highly scalable performance, rock-solid dependability and true overall business value.


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​Dollars and Sense

See the business advantages of the AMD approach to virtualization, through a focus on the use cases of consolidation, agility and business continuity

​Consolidating IT Infrastructure with AMD Opteron Processors

Learn how AMD processors drive success in consolidation to provide a balance of high virtual machine (VM) density and high-value performance

Virtualization Solution

​Advancing Business Continuity through Virtualization

The server platform is critical in balancing risk management and costs in business continuity


 Virtualization Solutions

AMD Dedicated Servers

Improving business agility is a nearly universal goal for today's successful businesses. Learn how broad collaboration between AMD, HP, and VMware can drive successful virtualization outcomes on several levels, including memory, processing performance, network/processor connections, server density and energy consumption to help turn IT into a strategic asset for the business.

 Customers Say

Since 2005, we’ve worked closely to make sure that we have the best possible product, the lowest power consumption in the industry, and to have a combination that helps us create a sustainable business advantage and be successful. AMD really helped us make more profit and build better products.

- Thomas Strohe, Founder and President, Intergenia

We evaluated a lot of different types of products — everything from servers, to networking, to storage. Through that process we chose servers powered by AMD Opteron™ processors because they could deliver the density and performance we needed to offer the right kind of Hosted Virtual Desktop to an end user.

- Kevin Schatzle, President, dinCloud

AMD processors, for our benchmarks, provided the best performance for the density that we were going to be able to install. We empirically measured how they performed and chose the one that performed best.

- Stewart Allen, Chief Technology Officer, AddThis

Since 2006, every time we compared different architectures, servers that are based on AMD Opteron™ had showed the most interesting results for engineering tasks…We look forward to getting the opportunity to compare solutions from different vendors and estimate the abilities of multicore AMD Bulldozer chips that, in my opinion, have good potential for our tasks.

- A. A. Chemus, Head of Automation Department, Aviadvigatel