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 AMD's SeaMicro SM15000

AMD SeaMicro SM15000

Reimagine the Server

Use half the power and half the space, plus have sixteen times more bandwidth with pioneering fabric-based microservers.

This innovative technology interconnects pools of resources over a supercompute fabric with an unprecedented 1.28 Tbps bisectional bandwidth.


AMD’s SeaMicro SM15000
AMD’s SeaMicro Freedom Fabric Storage
AMD’s SeaMicro Resource Center


Verizon and AMD Transform the Public Cloud

AMD and Verizon have teamed up to create an enterprise-class cloud service that delivers the industry’s most advanced cloud capabilities.

Livestream home page

Livestream selected the SeaMicro SM15000 high density server because it was optimized for Internet applications, reduced power consumption and provided the computing power to transcode live video 

Red 5 Studios game image

As a gaming software company, Red 5 Studios did not want to change, rewrite or optimize their code for a new, unproven server platform. With the SeaMicro SM10000-XE, they were able to create a mobile LAN gaming center that can support up to 3,000 simultaneous players.


 Product Experiences

Man in a server room with his arms crossed

AMD Disaggregates the Server, Defines New Hyperscale Building Block

Fabric-based architecture enables next generation data center optimization

 Customers Say

World-class computing advances UTSA’s cutting edge research and discovery of new knowledge. As an emerging research university, this project supports our mission of providing world-class education, outstanding research, and economic contributions to the region.

- C. Mauli Agrawal , Dean, University of Texas at San Antonio, College of Engineering

AMD’s SeaMicro system replaced multiple racks of servers and provides more compute with less power. We are saving over $6,000 per month in cooling costs alone. The increased capacity and simplified management has improved productivity, and my organization can spend less time managing and provisioning the infrastructure and more time on coding and making the Ooma product even better.

- Toby Farrand, VP Engineering and Operations, Ooma, Inc.