​​​​​​​​​Unleash Your Brilliance with AMD and​ ​Adobe

New and enhanced features of Adobe’s top video production applications leverage AMD APUs and GPUs.

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 Adobe Solutions

​Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC: Real-Time Results to Ramp up Productivity

Adobe® Premiere® Pro 

AMD graphics technology optimizes video editing productivity in Adobe® Premiere® Pro. GPU-accelerated features powered with capable AMD graphics can drive dramatic performance enhancements to deliver a streamlined editing experience with real-time results along with fast export into the designated format.

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Adobe After Effects® CC: Faster Graphics Pipeline

Adobe After Effects 

​AMD graphics power the production of motion graphics and cinematic visual effects quickly and efficiently in Adobe After Effects® CC. Unleash your creativity and see results in real time with the latest features, including GPU-accelerated previews.

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Adobe SpeedGrade™ CC: Enhanced Color, Depth and Detail

Adobe SpeedGrade 

Robust AMD hardware technology coupled with the color-grading capabilities of Adobe SpeedGrade™ CC and its Lumetri™ Deep Color Engine allows you to shape light and color, adding character to shots and transforming the mood of any edited piece.

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Adobe Photoshop® CC: Accelerated Image Editing

Adobe Photoshop 

AMD GPUs and APUs drive dramatic performance to enhance creativity and help boost productivity in Adobe Photoshop® CC, which now sports dozens of GPU-accelerated features with the Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine.

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Adobe Creative Cloud: Up-to-date Features and Functionality

Adobe After Effects 

Stay ahead of the curve and harness the latest GPU-accelerated f​eatures and functionality available from the software team at Adobe with the Creative Cloud. Couple the most recent and most capable versions of industry-leading Adobe software tools in Creative Cloud with powerful AMD graphics hardware.

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Adobe Flash Player: Brilliant Video and 3D Browser-based Games

Adobe Flash PLayer 

Adobe Flash player leverages the AMD HD Media Accelerator to dramatically improve video playbackthrough the power of AMD FirePro™ Professional Graphics, Radeon™ HD Graphics and APU products. AMD supports image post processing through AMD Picture Perfect HD and AMD Steady Video Technology with Adobe Flash Player to give you a brilliant experience.

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