ANSYS®: AMD FirePro™ Optimized & Certified for ANSYS® Workbench


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Today engineers and industrial designers are redefining the product development and analysis process, streamlining the entire design domain from complex physics modeling to advanced real-world simulation. To accomplish these sophisticated processes, ATI FirePro™ desktop and mobile workstation graphics accelerators deliver groundbreaking features and performance for the most demanding user running ANSYS software.

“Many end users are unaware of the tremendous amount of co-operation and co-development that takes place between ANSYS, Inc. and the AMD professional graphics division. We’ve been able to run the ATI FirePro™ graphics cards through extremely involved tests and these ultra-high end graphics accelerators more than live up to our high expectations. Beyond just certification of our current products, AMD has looked ahead to anticipate what our customers will need in the future and how they can complement our software.” – said Prashant Ambe, Vice President, ANSYS, Inc.