Dassault and AMD - Enabling Powerful Interactive 3D Rendering and Immersive Design Experiences


Dassault Systemes logoDassault Systemes develops SolidWorks, CATIA, SIMULA and other best-of-class technical design and engineering toolsets for PLM, industrial design and mechanical engineering pipelines. When leveraging the flexibility and power of AMD’s Eyefinity software and Catalyst drivers along with hardware features such as the ability to drive up to 6 (Six) display’s from a single AMD FirePro™ GPU, Dassault enables their customers to speed the efficiency of technical design work. This efficiency is further extended through collaborative, realtime 3D design review/ideation and other advanced workflows.

“With AMD Eyefinity technology, the feeling of complete immersion is really impressive. At Dassault Systèmes we aim to push the limit of high quality images on screen in order to bring users as close to reality as possible.”

-Jerome Maillot, Senior Manager, Dassault Systemes