DEM Solutions®: EDEM® Particle Flow Simulation Engine Gets Performance Boost from Latest ATI FirePro™ Professional Graphics


DEM logoEDEM, the particle flow simulation technology from DEM Solutions, predicts the performance of bulk particle handling and processing equipment, providing engineers with key design and process information. Used by leading companies in mining, minerals and metals processing, construction and agricultural machinery, as well as pharmaceutical manufacturing, consumer products and particulate materials technology, EDEM transforms how companies address engineering challenges--enabling them to substantially reduce reliance on empirical design and physical testing, improve product quality and process reliability and drive design innovation.

“EDEM, typically run on multi-core desktop computers, is the fastest commercial DEM (Discrete Element Method) software on the market; nonetheless, demands for larger models and more complex physics mean we are always looking to increase compute performance,” explains DEM Solutions CEO, Dr. John Favier. “In recent tests we saw that the new OpenCL™ implementation of our EDEM simulation engine employing ATI FirePro™ professional graphics runs up to 25 times faster than on a single CPU.”

“This substantial acceleration will enable our customers to increase both the number of design prototypes and the complexity of models they can simulate in a given time,” Favier stated. “We are pleased to collaborate with AMD in deploying its professional graphics technology and we look forward to the continued increases in speed and scale of simulations that this will bring to EDEM customers in all industry sectors.”

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