AMD FirePro™ and PTC® Help CAD Pros Push Designs to the Limit


PTC logoAMD and PTC® are helping product development professionals push designs to the limit. Regardless of your project size, product development needs are universal – powerful, industry leading productivity tools promoting the best practices in modeling techniques and ensuring industry standards compliance while maximizing innovation and quality. And the right professional graphics solution is critical.

Recent collaboration between AMD and PTC has resulted in powerful new GPU-accelerated functionality in Creo® Parametric 2.0 that speeds up 3D rendering of transparent surfaces by up to 900% through the use of “OIT” (order independent transparency) - an advanced OpenGL programming method. In addition, other visualization and rendering modes in Creo® Parametric 2.0 now offer performance improvements up to over 4X through the use of GPU acceleration enhancements developed by the AMD FirePro™ team in partnership with PTC. Whether you're using:

  • Creo® Parametric (formerly Pro/ENGINEER®) for powerful, 3D parametric modeling with a broad range of seamlessly integrated extensions
  • Creo® Direct for fast, flexible 3D geometry creation and editing using a direct modeling approach
  • Creo® View MCAD (formerly ProductView®) and Creo® View ECAD (formerly Intercomm Expert™) to view, interrogate and mark up mechanical and electronic geometry
  • Creo® Simulate (formerly MECHANICA®) capabilities an analyst needs for structural and thermal simulation

AMD FirePro™ desktop and mobile workstation professional graphics deliver ground-breaking features and performance for the most demanding Creo® users.

“PTC’s collaboration with AMD will truly empower designers to effectively create, innovate and deliver products that meet their customers’ needs. If PTC customers have been looking to migrate to Creo®, now is that time – AMD FirePro™ graphics cards fully realize the power of PTC® Creo® Parametric 2.0 by offering users previously unavailable performance and workflow optimizations.”Mike Campbell, Divisional GM, MCAD Segment.

Project requirements may change and time pressures may continue to mount, but your product design needs remain the same. Regardless of your project's scope, you need powerful, easy-to-use, affordable design tools to get the job done AMD FirePro™ professional graphics deliver leading-edge performance at every price point and are designed to provide unbeaten workstation-class user experiences for PTC® Creo® users.