SpaceClaim Corporation: ATI FirePro™ Graphics Cards Optimized & Certified for SpaceClaim


SpaceClaim logo​SpaceClaim 3D modeling tools are designed to empower engineers and industrial designers to be more creative and deliver products to market faster. ATI FirePro™ workstation professional graphics cards are thoroughly tested and certified by SpaceClaim Corporation to help ensure optimal performance and compatibility on SpaceClaim 3D modeling products. Used with workstations that are also tested by SpaceClaim, ATI FirePro™ professional graphics deliver exceptional performance and reliability for rapid, direct model creation and rendering.

“Our customers work in demanding product development environments where innovation is critical to success and having the right software and hardware tools is essential. SpaceClaim provides an eloquent 3D environment in which engineers and industrial designers can work fluently. AMD graphic cards provide the necessary hardware to power this innovation and enable customers to bring products to market quickly and efficiently.”

- Rich Moore, VP of Business Development, SpaceClaim Corporation