Corporate Responsibility

We are inspired by how digital technology has improved our world. From helping students learn, to innovative new therapies for veterans, to mapping the universe we live in, AMD technology is opening new doors to a better world.

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AMD’s President and CEO On The Importance of CR

While responsibility is a consistent core value of our culture, we continue to evolve our approach as AMD’s business model changes and the expectations of our stakeholders increase.

AMD’s 25x20 Energy Efficiency Initiative Wins Prestigious Award

The Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards recognize excellence in products, services, or projects that provide companies with energy and environmental benefits.

Technology Enabling a Better World Case Studies

Art is inspired by life, much in the same way as AMD innovations are inspired by life — by people, and what they can accomplish with the right technology.

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Our goal is to build corporate responsibility (CR) into every segment of our value chain – from product design to end-of-life.

Supplier Responsibility

Our goal is to pioneer high-quality technologies while helping ensure that working conditions throughout our supply chain are safe, workers are treated with respect, and manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible. We hold our suppliers accountable for maintaining these same high standards.

Product Stewardship

We design innovative technologies that power millions of intelligent devices, from personal computers to cloud servers. We strive to create products that make our customers’ lives easier while minimizing environmental impacts.

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Powering Our People

Our goal is to be an employer of choice, with passionate, innovative, fully engaged employees. To achieve this goal, we need a strong culture that reaches across all aspects of our business. We call this culture The AMD Way.

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AMD in the Community

​We donate time, technology, talent, and money to strengthening worldwide communities where we live and work. Our company and employees contribute significantly to these efforts, through volunteerism and donations.

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Environmental Sustainability

We have a long history of environmental responsibility and transparency, setting ambitious environmental goals and publicly reporting our progress. We have established a robust system to manage risks to the environment, and we engage employees worldwide to participate in our conservation efforts.

Governance & Reporting

We are committed to maintaining a high standard ethics and compliance standards, to transparency and accountability, and to engaging our stakeholders in our corporate responsibility programs.

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