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Scalable Game Design-BrazilScalable Game Design-Brazil/PublishingImages/graphics/illustrations/100px/scalable-game-design-brasil.png<div class="ExternalClassD4252FCAC7884CD795ED7E4D22B83900"><p>​Scalable Game Design-Brazil is a program designed to encourage computational thinking and STEM skills in Brazilian schools through the creation of games and simulations using AgentSheets. In their very first lesson, students learn to make their own simple game, then continue to learn about topics such as Artificial Intelligence to make complex games and computational science applications.</p></div>Scalable Game Design-Brazil/PublishingImages/photography/lifestyle/375px/scalable-game-design-24h-progrador.jpg
World Wide Workshop FoundationWorld Wide Workshop Foundation/PublishingImages/graphics/illustrations/100px/globaloria.png<div class="ExternalClass85A0194270ED40368AEF33C1814BD402"><p>AMD, in partnership with The World Wide Workshop, incorporated <b>Globaloria</b>, a proven in-school game curriculum and Web2.0 platform, with <b>Southwest Key’s East Austin College Prep Academy</b>, a charter school that serves 200 6<sup>th</sup> and 7<sup>th</sup> grade students. AMD’s funding supports a new grade the Globaloria game-design program and two technology laboratories for students, featuring notebooks with AMD processors and ATI graphics.</p><p><a href="http://www.worldwideworkshop.org/">Learn More</a></p></div>World Wide Workshop Foundation/PublishingImages/graphics/illustrations/375px/globaloria.png
Schmahl Science WorkshopSchmahl Science Workshop/PublishingImages/graphics/illustrations/100px/schmahl-science-workshop.png<div class="ExternalClass5917244ED12740BAB568F45AA205430C"><p><b>"Sustainable Seafood" Game Design Project: </b>AMD’s support engaged Silicon Valley middle and high school students, in designing and programming a game around the theme of “The Dangers of Over Fishing.” Schmahl Science Workshops hosted two summer camps and twenty after-schools program in 2010-2011 to design and program a Flash game that is fun to play and has a strong social message-“The Danger of Over Fishing to Long-term Human Survival”. This game will also be used as a tool to educate a large cross section of young people (age, demographics, location) about the issue.</p><p><a href="http://www.schmahlscience.org/" target="_blank">Learn More</a></p></div>Schmahl Science Workshop/PublishingImages/graphics/illustrations/375px/schmahl-science-workshop.png
Malaysian Cybergames Festival 2010Malaysian Cybergames Festival 2010/PublishingImages/graphics/illustrations/100px/malaysian-cybergames.png<div class="ExternalClass1961620813F74A47908FFB318B82BD9F"><p>AMD co-sponsored a digital game development and design workshop at the Malaysian Cybergames Festival. The festival exposes primary school children across Malaysia to computing technology and potential careers in the IT industry. AMD sponsored the "Dare to Create" workshop, a seminar that encourages innovation and creativity by teaching students how to design and develop digital games. AMD also provided 80 PCs featuring AMD Athlon™ II X2 processors and ATI Radeon™ HD 5670 graphics cards for use during the festival and for the festival's gaming competition.</p></div>Malaysian Cybergames/PublishingImages/photography/lifestyle/375px/malaysian-cyber-games.png
Boys & Girls Clubs of AmericaBoys & Girls Clubs of America/PublishingImages/graphics/illustrations/100px/my-club-mylife.png<div class="ExternalClassD7E92E4A995C45E38379A58441387C60"><p>AMD is a national partner with Boys & Girls Clubs of America. In 2009 AMD, in partnership with PETlabs, created the <a href="http://www.myclubmylife.com/clubtech/Pages/Game_Tech_2.aspx">Game Tech</a> curriculum, which has been implemented at Boys & Girls Clubs in the United States. AMD had funded the creation of tech labs and the implementation of the Game Tech program at 10 BGCA chapters nationwide. The program is scheduled to be deployed at four additional chapters in 2011.</p><p><a href="http://www.bgca.org/">Learn More</a></p></div>BGCA/PublishingImages/graphics/illustrations/375px/my-club-my-life.png
Aliance for Young Artists & Writers (Level Up!)Aliance for Young Artists & Writers (Level Up!)/PublishingImages/graphics/illustrations/100px/alliance-young-artists-levelup.png<div class="ExternalClass4203FB8783814FAE962097B567A322AE"><p>​In a joint collaboration with AYAW and Scholastic Inc., AMD helped create Level Up!, a comprehensive online teaching resource providing curricula and tools for middle and high school educations to teach video game design. The free site incorporates beginner (Gamestar Mechanic) and intermediate (Activate!) level game design teaching tools, and also features informational videos, classroom-based lessons, sample student-produced games and other resources.</p><p> <a href="http://www.scholastic.com/createvideogames/" target="_blank">Learn More</a></p></div>Level Up!/PublishingImages/graphics/illustrations/375px/alliance-young-artists-levelup.png
Games for Change Festival - “Creative Game Design Program for Youth” Teacher WorkshopGames for Change Festival - “Creative Game Design Program for Youth” Teacher Workshop/PublishingImages/graphics/illustrations/100px/games-for-change.png<div class="ExternalClassECAFCF93DE364962A5C9B9936C4D35E2"><p>​AMD sponsors a day-long workshop to help middle and high school teachers, non-profit leaders, and others who develop social issue game design programs for their school curriculums or after-school programs.</p><p><a href="http://www.gamesforchange.org/" target="_blank">Learn More</a></p></div>Games for Change Festival/PublishingImages/photography/lifestyle/375px/games-for-change.png
Institute of PlayInstitute of Play/PublishingImages/graphics/illustrations/100px/gamestar-mechanic.png<div class="ExternalClass5C03E76101CA4D37AC33D07D37760CF1"><p>Institute of Play, in collaboration with E-line Media, developed <a href="http://www.gamestarmechanic.com/" target="_blank"> Gamestar Mechanic</a>, a new, free, game-based digital learning platform that teaches game design principles, systems thinking and 21<sup>st</sup> century literacy skills. Gamestar Mechanic features several integrated components, including <b>Game Alley</b>, a Web community for players to publish, review and collaborate on game design with their peers. The <a href="http://www.gamestarmechanic.com/amdimpactchannel" target="_blank">AMD Changing the Game Impact Channel</a> is a featured element in Game Alley and represents another new vehicle to support youth game development-based education. The AMD Changing the Game Impact Channel features regular game design competitions, with each challenge focusing on a social issue theme of the month, such as energy, the environment or health. Winners will receive AMD based laptops.</p><p><a href="http://www.instituteofplay.org/" target="_blank">Learn More</a></p></div>Institute of Play/PublishingImages/graphics/illustrations/375px/gamestar-mechanic.png
Whyville.net / KLRN (PBS – San Antonio)Whyville.net / KLRN (PBS – San Antonio)/PublishingImages/graphics/illustrations/100px/whyville-thumb.png<div class="ExternalClassC91DD68327D04E89AB1BA0967348AD41"><p>Whyville.net is the oldest learning based virtual world on the Internet, and more than 6 million youth from around the world have used the site to explore topics on science, economics and citizenships. AMD Foundation awarded a grant to San Antonio, TX PBS affiliate KLRN to help youth create games around social issues in Whyville.net. The <a href="http://www.whyville.net/smmk/amd/outside"> <b>AMD Game Zone </b></a>engages youth to create educational games with a specific focus on socially responsible subjects such as energy, the environment and nutrition. <b>KLRN</b> will develop and broadcast video shorts about the game creation process featuring interviews with “Whyvillians” discussing what they learned by creating their games.</p><p><a href="http://www.whyville.net/" target="_blank">Learn More</a></p></div>Whyville.net/PublishingImages/graphics/illustrations/375px/whyville.png
PETLAB Game Design and Animation CurriculumPETLAB Game Design and Animation Curriculum/PublishingImages/graphics/illustrations/100px/activate.png<div class="ExternalClass380418E2E1454FB79D3935F8967D3E3B"><p>PETLAB, a joint project of Games for Change and Parsons The News School for Design, created <a href="http://www.activategames.org/" target="_blank"><b>Activate!</b></a>, a gaming curriculum that incorporates a set of fun, do-it-yourself-style learning activities for young people between the ages of 13 and 15. The curriculum is designed to sharpen STEM skills and features online tools and a community-building website to support collaborative projects and sharing of game designs.</p><p><a href="http://petlab.parsons.edu/newWeb/" target="_blank">Learn More</a></p></div>PETLAB/PublishingImages/graphics/illustrations/375px/activate.png
Alliance for Young Artists & WritersAlliance for Young Artists & Writers/PublishingImages/graphics/illustrations/100px/alliance-young-artists-awards.png<div class="ExternalClassF8DEDA75651F468CB8E25A41840C49B4"><p><strong>Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Video Game Design category: </strong>AMD’s funding supports the Alliance’s new video game design category for the 2010 and 2011 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. The new video game design category increases the reach of the program to math and science teachers and presents video game production as an art form requiring imagination, technical skill, planning and storytelling. Instructional workshops for teachers, students and parents on video game design will take place in 10 key regions across the country in Fall of 2010.</p><p><a href="http://www.artandwriting.org/">Learn More</a></p></div>The Alliance/PublishingImages/graphics/illustrations/375px/alliance-young-artists-levelup.png
Beijing Game Design Workshop & Technology LabBeijing Game Design Workshop & Technology Lab/PublishingImages/graphics/illustrations/100px/beijing-game-design.png<div class="ExternalClass844CCB1CB015414BB2A3110111DCC4B5"><p>In partnership with AMD China, Parsons faculty and students worked with over 400 students at the Dandelion Middle School, which serves many of Beijing’s most underprivileged and at-risk youth. Parsons translated its gaming curriculum into Madarin and conducted a month-long game development workshop focused on STEM learning.</p></div>Beijing Game Design Workshop/PublishingImages/photography/lifestyle/375px/beijing-game-design.png