AMD Global Volunteer Excellence Awards


​Since 2010, the AMD Global Volunteer Excellence Awards program has recognized 32 individual volunteers, representing 7 countries, who play a critical role in demonstrating AMD’s corporate citizenship by going above and beyond in the area of volunteerism and giving back to their local community. These awards exist to encourage and support the personal dedication of employees, contractors and/or contingent workers who volunteer in their community.

Diane StapleyDiane Stapley

AMD Austin
2012 AMD Volunteer of the Year Award Winner
2012 Global Volunteer Excellence Award Winner

Diane leverages her leadership abilities outside the office to motivate other volunteers. She shows exceptional dedication to getting the work done (even getting dirty!) and brings real-world, meaningful experiences to students in her community. Diane devoted her time this year to mentoring students in East Austin Prep’s Globaloria program, which teaches valuable STEM skills to students in grade 6-8 by including computer game programming courses in their required curriculum. She also works with the neo-natal “bottle baby” kitten program at AustinPetsAlive.

“Volunteering with a diverse set of people, including various age ranges, abilities, technical aptitudes and backgrounds, outside of the office has really influenced how I approach situations at the office. I'm currently mentoring two AMD individuals as well and having these volunteer experiences outside of an engineering company is providing me real-life examples that I can draw on to offer them advice as well as consider new ways to lead the teams I'm part of at AMD.”

—Diane Stapley, Sr. Manager and East Austin Prep Globaloria Volunteer  

Kurt TokitaKurt Tokita

AMD Bellevue
2012 AMD Volunteer of the Year Finalist
2012 Global Volunteer Excellence Award Winner

With a flair for creativity and connecting people and community, Kurt uses his leadership and vision as president of the board of directors of the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington to change the direction and re-energize the community to support Japanese culture. Kurt and his organization strive to create and grow an intergenerational gathering place where people of all backgrounds can share and promote Japanese language and traditional arts, celebrate Japanese and Japanese-American history and culture and build intercultural understanding.

“There are more obstacles volunteering than at AMD. Being able to adapt to situations, modify plans and obtain results are critical to both organizations.”

—Kurt Tokita, Sr. Systems Administrator and Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington Volunteer

Elizabeth ConradElizabeth Conrad

AMD Sunnyvale
2012 AMD Volunteer of the Year Finalist
2012 Global Volunteer Excellence Award Winner

Elizabeth is dedicated to making a great impact on the lives of students as they explore their future careers. She works with the Boys and Girls Club of Silicon Valley, which provides programs for 150 kids daily and offers innovative and effective after-school and summer youth development programs for low income, high-risk Santa Clara County youth. Elizabeth has devoted her time to a plethora of activities and events, including youth tours of AMD and EA Games, career day events and STEM events.

“It was very refreshing to me to see how ‘cool’ AMD was through the eyes of the groups that toured Sunnyvale. My activities with the club help with my confidence, being calm under pressure and my perspective of what is truly important.”

—Elizabeth Conrad, Manager and Boys and Girls Club Volunteer

Purlvin ZhangPurlvin Zhang

AMD Shanghai
2012 AMD Global Volunteer Excellence Award Winner

As a new AMDer, Purlvin joined the Shanghai Site Volunteer Activities Council, working closely with deaf children at Shanghai Pudong Special Education School and recruiting new volunteers to his organization. Purlvin enjoys his time in the classroom, where he assists students with handmade skills and helps them build confidence.

“My communication skills from AMD help me to better connect with these children.”

—Purlvin Zhang, Sr., Design Layout Engineer and Shanghai Pudong Special Education School Volunteer

Bob BrowerBob Brower

AMD Boston
2012 AMD Global Volunteer Excellence Award Winner

Bob shows extraordinary dedication to donating his time and talents in a community where people are less fortunate. Bob's volunteer work is key to the effectiveness of the nonprofit he serves. He is a tireless volunteer, who exhibits great enthusiasm and compassion for people who are in need. He has been a volunteer for Open Pantry, a food pantry and soup kitchen, since 2011, helping with setup, washing dishes and general clean up. He also shops for food, picks up food donations, assists in the pantry, provides transportation, organizes food drives and prepares and serves meals.

“I volunteer because it’s a good way of giving back to the community as well as helping those less fortunate that I am. You never know when you could also be in need.”

—Bob Brower, Sr. Layout Design Engineer and Open Table Volunteer

Satya BijayaSatya Bijaya

AMD Hyderabad
2012 AMD Global Volunteer Excellence Award Winner

Satya has made a lasting impression as a volunteer on the children of Mandal Parishad Primary School, inspiring them in creativity, thinking and growth. He also leads the community team in activities that help the poor and needy.

“I believe that as every individual contribute to the success of AMD. Similarly I feel each of our countrymen should get their piece of rights to make this world a healthy and prosperous society.”

—Satya Bijaya, Sr. Quality Engineer and Hyderabad Community Team Volunteer

WenChing LeeWenChing Lee

AMD Taipei
2012 AMD Global Volunteer Excellence Award Winner

WenChing has demonstrated passionate dedication to her cause, Taiwan Cancer Society, helping people with cancer to find a way to live through health classes, cooking and outings. She spent two years growing her hair in order to donate it to a child with cancer. She notes that she even enlisted her coworkers in the effort: they would frequently help her measure the length of her hair to see how close she was to reaching her goal.

“In fact, the activity was a balance of my job and life, and I believed I would meet the goal. When I thought of the goal, it made me very happy.”

—WenChing Lee, Test Engineer and Taiwan Cancer Society Volunteer