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Austin – “Hard Work + Tons of Dirt = A Beautiful Local Park”

Volunteering in the community in which we work and live is a core value at AMD. A 85-person strong group of employees highlighted this commitment by clearing tree roots and spreading mulch at a park just a few short miles from our Austin campus through a project with the Austin Parks Foundation. Many of our employees live near this park and shared just how important it was support the green spaces that their family and friends enjoy.

Bellevue – “Building Up the Fight Against Hunger”

Seeing the need in their local community, the Bellevue team got creative and challenged our employees to a build a wall…of mac & cheese! When fully built, this structure included 300 pounds of this family-friendly meal, enough for 2000 servings, which were donated to a local food bank.

Boxborough – “Teaming Up to Stop Hunger Now”

While our teams like to get off site and into the community to volunteer their time, sometimes the most productive experiences can occur right on campus. For the AMD Boston Design Center team, that meant 60 volunteers coming together to support Stop Hunger Now, boxing 15,000 meals to help feed the hungry.

Fort Collins – “AMD Cares Day of Service Volunteer Site of the Year: A Profile in Doing Good”

At our AMD Cares Day of Service Volunteer Site of the Year, employees took on the challenge of supporting their community with gusto. Their annual participation in the Food Bank for Larimer County’s Corporate Food fight was record breaking and even included a wall of peanut butter to rival our Bellevue site’s wall of mac & cheese. A whopping 71 percent of the site’s employees participated in AMD Cares Day of Service.

Markham – “Supporting Our Community Through Its Green Spaces”

Over the past 25 years, 10,000 Trees for the Rouge has planted over 179,000 trees in the Rouge Valley. In what’s quickly becoming a tradition for our Markham site, employees participated in a spring planting day at a local park with 10,000 Trees for the Rouge. With the help of 25 AMD employees and others from the community a total of 6,000 trees were planted.

Orlando – “Planting the Seeds”

Many times our volunteer opportunities not only give our employees the chance to help out the community, but they can also teach them valuable skills. Our Orlando team rolled up their sleeves and spent some quality time harvesting over 25 lbs. of vegetables, shifting 1600 lbs. of organic compost, and clearing out invasive species in the Arboretum at the University of Central Florida. The Arboretum staff shared some great gardening tips that our team members are looking forward to putting to use at their own homes.

Sunnyvale – “Putting Together the Keys to Learning”

Helping to advance STEM in local schools has long been a goal of our involvement in the community. Our Sunnyvale team supported this endeavor by working with RAFT to create hands-on learning kits for use by students from kindergarten to high school.

Bangalore – “Planting a Greener Future”

While some community projects are done in a day, some of the most rewarding for our team can be when they get to return to a site to continue past work. In Bangalore, employees had the opportunity to visit the trees they had planted previously with Say Trees in order to maintain and nurture their growth.

Hyderabad – “Challenge Accepted”

The problem? Critical rain water not being captured for use by the community. The solution? Connect a group of eager AMDers and local organization Agastya! Working together, the team dug a rain water harvesting pit and constructed a wall to encourage flow, making an incredible impact on an area in need of support.

Penang – “Learning through Volunteering”

While AMD volunteers have planted trees in various areas over the years, working at a mangrove planting site in Penang provided some unique challenges and opportunities. Alongside PIFWA, our AMDers donned swamp gear to access the site and plant 350 mangrove samplings, all the while learning about environmental challenges due to climate change in that area. Through this event, they had the opportunity to experience an unfamiliar environment teeming with life.

Cyberjaya – “Building Community”

Sometimes the most important things our employees can give to the community are their time and attention. This was certainly true at the Siddharthan Care Center in Petaling Jaya, a local orphanage. Our team brought donations of goods to support the aims for the center, but also spent the day with the children playing games, hearing their stories, and creating connections.

Singapore – “All In for a Day at the Beach”

With an impressive 160 employees, our team covered 2km of East Coast Park in an effort to beautify the space. Fueled by friendly competition and the joy of helping the community, over 134 kilograms of trash were collected and a beautiful beach made an even better habitat for marine life and visitors alike.

Beijing – “Opening Doors”

When children have the opportunity to visit a workspace, the possibilities for their futures open up in front of them. By inviting children from the Yushu area who were greatly impacted by an earthquake in 2014, our Beijing team provided a wonderful opportunity to learn about new technologies. But they didn’t stop there…upon hearing that these children did not have luggage to bring their belongings to their home villages over the summer break, our team ran an impromptu suitcase drive.

Shanghai – “More Green, More Warmth”

The title that our employees created for this event truly says it all: by planting trees, the employees not only did something positive for their environment, but they also enjoyed the warmth of teamwork and giving back. Now young cherry trees stand where bare earth was before, a great example of what our people can do with inspiration and hard work.

Hong Kong – “A Productive Walk in the Wilderness”

At Lion Rock, one of the most recognizable natural landmarks in Hong Kong, our AMD team hiked through an incredible landscape and, along the way, removed trash and debris. The stunning mountain views were made even more beautiful through the effort of this hardworking group.

Taiwan – “Be Green and Do Something for the Earth”

With our employees in sites all around the world, sometimes the greatest impact can be when different groups, who often do not work together during their normal work days, come together for a common cause. Combining employees from 3 different sites in Taiwan, a group 82-strong visited a local beach for a cleanup event. When all was said and done, over 20 bags of trash were collected and a communal space made more beautiful.

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