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Inspiring tomorrow.

 Powering our People

At AMD, our goal is to be an employer of choice, with passionate, innovative, fully engaged employees. To achieve this goal, we need a strong culture that reaches across all aspects of our business. We call this culture The AMD Way.

The AMD Way is built on three core beliefs:

    • Ownership and commitment – We do what we say and we own what we do.
    • Customer focus – When our customers win, we win.
    • Innovation leadership – We chart and pave our own path to success.

These core beliefs come alive with four specific actions that define the AMD Way:

    • Achievement – plan and play to win in all we do, every time … every day matters
    • Accountability – build trust by honoring our commitments
    • Alignment – work as one AMD to debate, decide, embrace, and execute
    • Agility – continuously learn and improve in all aspects of our business

These beliefs and actions are expectations for each employee every day. By living The AMD Way, by embracing diversity and inclusion, and by encouraging a healthy balance of work and family life, the AMD work environment is an innovation engine in which people feel empowered to collaborate, think, act, and solve problems in new and different ways.

We support our employees with competitive benefits including excellent compensation, health care, employee assistance programs, and more. This investment in our employees and their career development is not only the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do.

Global Inclusion

Innovation is at AMD’s core, and occurs when creative minds and diverse perspectives are drawn from all over the world. Diverse teams, when managed in a culture of inclusion, are more creative, more productive, better at problem solving, and ultimately more profitable. AMD hires people from diverse backgrounds and geographies and with diverse beliefs, and promotes an inclusive environment that values their individual differences. This is all part of Innovation Leadership, one of the core tenets of AMD’s culture – The AMD Way – and we accomplish this by fully integrating diversity and inclusion into our talent management and culture initiatives.

Employee Data


AMD is committed to fostering a culture of inclusiveness and innovation where the best ideas “win” regardless of the individual’s identity. In an effort to increase transparency on the subject, AMD is publishing for the first time the gender composition of our engineering and management teams. We are not satisfied with the data, and are working with other industry leaders to address gender and other diversity issues across the technology sector.

Employee Engagement

AMD encourages our employees to make positive contributions to the world, which in turn strengthens our workplace culture. Global programs foster volunteering in our communities, protecting natural resources, and improving personal wellness.

    • AMD Community Corps is designed to encourage employees to volunteer while developing their own professional abilities. The program connects employees with volunteer opportunities in their local communities and encourages participation in company-sponsored volunteer events as well as skill-based volunteering.
    • Go Green educates and inspires AMDers about sustainability and actions they can take to conserve resources, save money, and improve the environment. Programs span commuter benefits, Green Teams, and home conservation. 
    • Wellness@Work helps our employees and family members get and stay healthy. Programs focus on maintaining healthy weight, eating right, exercising more, and avoiding tobacco in order to improve quality of life and lower healthcare costs.

Workplace Focus

Equal Opportunity Employment: In compliance with applicable laws and regulations, AMD employee policies, processes, and decisions are developed and implemented to promote equal opportunity without regard to age, ancestry, color, marital status, medical condition, mental or physical disability, national origin, race, religion, political and/or third-party affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or veteran status.

Talent Management: AMD’s talent management activities support the complex and dynamic nature of our business, but our goal is simple: deliver our strategy by having the right talent in place now and in the future. Throughout the year, our CEO and senior executives hold cross-functional discussions about our top talent and the leadership and technology skills our business requires. When skill gaps are identified, we turn first toward developing our top talent because we know that building their skills ensures our future.

Compensation and Benefits: AMD is committed to paying competitive wages and providing benefits that help foster employee financial security. Employee compensation is established in accordance with local laws, and often adjusted for talent in high demand. Global compensation programs include equity and bonus plans. AMD also promotes a learning environment through educational programs such as tuition assistance and internal employee and management development classes. The company’s competitive portfolio of employee benefits includes country-specific program offerings, such as comprehensive coverage for health and dental care; retirement savings programs in which investments are directed by the employee and partially matched by the company; holiday and vacation time; life and disability insurance; and a variety of work/life balance programs including family care leave and alternative work plans. Our employees also benefit from various types of employee assistance programs to help resolve personal and professional issues. These employee benefits programs meet and often exceed the benefits required by applicable laws and regulations.

Employee Performance Management: AMD’s pay-for-performance process creates a work environment that encourages, recognizes, and supports high-performing individuals and teams. Under our pay-for-performance philosophy and guiding principles, we not only reward those team members who demonstrate the highest level of contribution to the company, we also reward those who continually improve their capabilities. This ensures that rewards are differentiated based on the impact the employee’s performance has on the company as well as how they get their work done.

Employee Education and Training: The AMD Competency Model, centered on the enduring AMD values, is the foundation for our training and development programs. This model matches business roles with needed competencies and behaviors for all levels of the employee population. We provide a wide array of technical, management, and leadership training programs. In addition to traditional instruction methods, employees have access to a variety of e-learning opportunities through internally and externally developed courses.

Human Rights: AMD’s policies on human rights issues such as harassment, discrimination, working hours, forced/compulsory labor, child labor, compensation, and freedom of association are addressed in AMD’s Worldwide Standards of Business Conduct, the EICC Code of Conduct, as well as in AMD’s Human Rights Statement adopted in 2011.

Health and Safety Standards: For more than a decade, our Global EHS Standards have established excellence as the benchmark for AMD sites around the world. In addition to requiring all our facilities to meet applicable local, regional, and national requirements, our standards go beyond legal parameters and establish best-in-class practices to protect employee safety and health. Health- and safety-related areas addressed under the Global EHS Standards include the following:

      • Legal compliance
      • Employee well-being
      • Injury and illness prevention
      • Emergency preparedness and response
      • Electrical safety
      • Equipment safety
      • Chemical safety
      • Ergonomics

Health and Safety Performance Metrics: AMD collects and tracks a variety of health and safety performance indicators. These indicators are used to monitor trends and help focus our actions to prevent injuries.

Wellness Program: In addition to reducing safety hazards in the workplace, we are also focused on encouraging and incentivizing our employees to improve their overall health and wellness. The safety management systems at our ATMP manufacturing facilities in Penang, Malaysia, and Suzhou, China, are certified to the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series 18001 (OHSAS 18001) Standard.