Immersive Education

Accelerating STEM Education with zSpace

How can we better engage students in math and science? Considering the technical challenges of the future, it’s an important question — one that inspired the founders of zSpace.


​A staggering number of children report being bored in the classroom, especially when it comes to science, technology, engineering, and math — the so-called STEM skills. One study found that “only 16% of American high school seniors are proficient in mathematics and interested in a STEM career.”1 To truly engage students requires an innovative approach. The zSpace system, powered by AMD technology, allows students to not only visualize complex topics, but interact with them in real time. 

From analyzing the human heart to deconstructing a piece of machinery, students simply put on a pair of zSpace glasses, pick up a stylus, and start exploring. Virtual holographic images can be “lifted” from the screen and manipulated with the stylus. According to zSpace Marketing Manager Amanda Austin, “zSpace changes the human/computer interface. Instead of leaving everything stuck behind the screen, you get to engage with it above the screen in your world.”

Made possible by AMD FirePro™ graphics cards, zSpace is a technology borne of collaboration. With the only graphics card that could support the stereo imaging needs of the zSpace hardware, AMD was the obvious partner. Inspired by what zSpace was doing, AMD used the experience to improve their own products. According to Eric Tripp, Senior QA Lead at zSpace, “AMD said, ‘You know, we don’t really have any clients doing this the way you are … we don’t have anyone raising these issues.’ So because of zSpace being sort of that guinea pig and providing all this feedback, they’ve now built a world-class driver.”

The AMD and zSpace joint effort is a testament to the power of collaboration and inspiration. Applying innovative technology to help students learn, the companies worked together to create a world-class educational solution. Elizabeth Lytle, Director of Education & Product Experience at zSpace shared an anecdote that sums up the value of the technology, “I was working with a local district when a parent came rushing in and said, “My son came home from school today said, ‘Dad, I finally get it now. I get why people do this and I get how the heart works.’”

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