Average over period 1 March 2017 to 31 January 2018. International survey covering UK, USA, Germany, Canada, and France. Etailers selling either or both families of processors in a box amazon-de, amazon-uk, amazon-us, bestbuy-us, ebuyer-uk, ldlc-fr, materielnet-fr, microcenter-us, mindfactory-de, ncix-us, newegg-ca, newegg-us, pcworld-uk,staples-us, walmart-us. AMD Ryzen™ desktop processor family: Ryzen 7 1800X, Ryzen 7 1700X, Ryzen 7 1700, Ryzen 5 1500X, Ryzen 5 1600, Ryzen 5 1400, Ryzen 5 1600X, Ryzen 3 1300X, Ryzen 3 1200, Threadripper 1950X, Threadripper 1920X, Threadripper 1900X. Comparable Intel processor family: i7-8700K, i7-8700, i7-7700K, i5-7600, i7-6850K, i5-8600k, i5-8400, i5-7500, i5-7600K, i7-7700, i5-7400, i7 5820K, i3-8350K, i3-8100, i3-7100, i7-6800K, i3-7300, i7-6950X, i3-7350K, i7-6900K, i7-5930K, i5-7600T, i7-7700T, i7-7820X, i7-7800X, I9-7900X, i3-7320, i7-7740X, i5-7640X, I9-7920X. Does not include Ryzen Mobile processors with Radeon Vega Graphics or Ryzen Desktop processors with Radeon Vega Graphics.