laptop security

“Cybersecurity is a fundamental requirement for modern computing. Without this, the developing trends of greater connectivity through cloud computing and the Internet of Things could possibly bring more risk than reward. Robust security hardware and software is key to securing your data future.”

- Mark Papermaster, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, AMD

The Issue

A confluence of changing conditions make data protection a top concern for organizations of every size and specialty. Innovations in network infrastructure have brought new capabilities through cloud computing and the Internet of Things, but have simultaneously expanded the attack surface and introduced potential vulnerabilities. At the same time, today’s threat landscape continues to expand and evolve as cyber criminals devise new and better methods for exploiting security weaknesses or technological innovations.

Cybersecurity Facts

7.1 million data records lost or stolen daily1

2.6 billion data records compromised in 20171

Cybercrime damage expected to cost $6 trillion annually by 20212

230,000 new malware samples each day2

A hacker attacks every 39 seconds2

Estimated 200 billion connected devices by 20202

​​​​​​AMD’s Response

In response to the potential increase in security issues, it’s no surprise that cybersecurity remains a top priority at AMD. This commitment extends across all tiers and work groups within our company—from policies that govern our corporate operations, to technologies and practices that keep our intellectual property and the information we hold safe, to products that support stronger protections for our customers.

Defending Data, Partners & Customers Against Risks

We respect and adhere to our data privacy policies and applicable laws, regulations, industry guidelines and commitments in third-party agreements. AMD’s overarching policies are a cornerstone of our efforts to protect the personal information of our customers and employees, as well as the personal information we hold or process for business partners. We aim to protect our customers against unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

A continuously evolving approach to data security helps to protect assets at the IT level. We use a risk-based approach to assess AMD intellectual property and the information we hold, and apply appropriate safeguards to maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability. Advanced technologies are employed in an effort to secure proprietary and personal information wherever it resides—within physical datacenters, in the cloud or even in transit. Clearly defined training and procedures enable safe and productive collaboration across the organization worldwide.

This strategic philosophy extends to AMD engineers as well, in terms of product security. With “always-connected” computing devices and the increasing volume of valuable and protected data shared digitally, a trusted computing environment is an important fundamental necessity for any IT infrastructure. AMD strives for security-by-design in the interest of all our customers, up and down the product stack. Our processors incorporate security features at the silicon level as part of a comprehensive ecosystem of hardware and software solutions.

AMD’s Commitment to Privacy & Security

Data Privacy

  • Policy level: Corporate philosophy and strategy
  • Commitment to privacy rules and best practices set forth in laws, regulations, industry guidelines and third-party agreements

Data Security

  • IT level: Security operations and infrastructure
  • Risk-based approach to choice and implementation of safeguards for system and data confidentiality, integrity and availability

Product Security

  • Design level: Security-by-design
  • Example: Integrated and dedicated on-chip security co-processor