Ethics and Compliance

We implement processes to ensure that our practices are consistent with our policies. We believe the integrity of an organization begins with every employee’s commitment to our core values and their responsibility to act in concert with those values.

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We are committed to maintaining a high standard of ethics and compliance,​ to transparency and accountability, and to engaging our stakeholders in our corporate responsibility programs.


AMD’s Senior Vice President and General Counsel oversees the management of corporate responsibility-related policies, practices, and infrastructure, and delivers Corporate Responsibility updates to AMD’s Board of Directors.​

Below are AMD’s corporate ethics and governance policies, oversight structures and processes:

  • Board of Directors
  • Ceres Stakeholder Panel
  • Principles of Corporate Governance
  • Worldwide Standards of Business Conduct
  • Code of Ethics
  • Corporate Compliance Committee
  • Stock Ownership Guidelines
  • AMD AlertLine
  • Internal Audit
  • Global Internal Controls and Compliance Organization
  • Risk Management
  • AMD Political Action Committee

Public Policy

As a global company, we believe corporate responsibility includes being an informed, active participant in the development of public policies that affect our business and our industry in the countries and communities in which we operate. Good public policy begins with diverse stakeholders participating in open and transparent proceedings to carefully examine issues and offer different perspectives that promote effective solutions.

AMD’s commitment to public policy participation includes working with governments and authorities, NGOs, trade associations, and other groups to deepen our understanding of issues and diverse perspectives, as well as to share our experience and expertise as part of an informed public policy development process. We are actively engaged in a number of public policy efforts that are pertinent to our business, our industry, and users of AMD technology everywhere. Some of these public policy priorities for AMD include:

  • Environmental Protection
  • Conflict Minerals
  • Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Secure Technology
  • Competition and Market Access
  • Principle Industry and Business Associations

For more information, go to our Public Policy page.

Worldwide Standards of Business Conduct

AMD’s Worldwide Standards of Business Conduct support our commitment to high ethical standards and compliance with laws, regulations and company policies. These standards apply to all members of AMD’s Board of Directors and employees worldwide, and are one of the key components of the company’s compliance and ethics program. They reiterate our values and outline guidelines on a broad range of workplace, business practice and conflicts of interest principles such as employment and labor practices, privacy, employee safety and health, business and accounting practices, political activities and contributions, insider trading, antitrust laws and the anti-corruption laws. The Standards were updated in October 2016, and are currently available in eight languages: English, Japanese, German, Malay, Chinese​, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. All employees worldwide receive access to, and training on, the Standards.

AMD’s Code of Ethics supports the commitment of our corporate officers and key finance executives to the highest ethical standards and compliance with laws, regulations and company policies applicable to corporate financial transactions, reporting and disclosure. Our executives are vested with the responsibility – and in some cases, the authority – to protect, balance and preserve the interests of our stakeholders. AMD’s executives fulfill this responsibility, in part, by prescribing and enforcing appropriate policies and procedures for the company’s finance organization, and by enforcing and adhering to the principles set forth in the Code of Ethics.

Corporate Compliance Committee

AMD’s Corporate Compliance Committee is the internal group responsible for oversight of AMD’s Worldwide Standards of Business Conduct and related policies/procedures (e.g., Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and conflict of interest rules). The committee provides regular ethics and compliance activity reports, as well as status updates to the Board of Directors.

AMD AlertLine

The AMD AlertLine is a multilingual web portal and telephone service that accepts anonymous reports about suspected illegal activity or violations of AMD’s Worldwide Standards of Business Conduct, as permitted by law. The AMD AlertLine is available to all AMD employees worldwide, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The Board of Directors receives summaries of all calls. Reports may also be submitted via the web at (for use by locations outside the European Union) or (European Union only). 

Corporate Responsibility Process​

Issue Management: Review emerging or evolving issues to determine prospective importance to AMD and our stakeholders.

Materiality: Conduct biennial process to confirm business critical issues.

In 2016, AMD hired SustainAbility, a leading corporate responsibility consultancy to support the company in updating its materiality assessment and prioritizing the most impactful environmental and social issues for its business and stakeholders. The process identified priority areas of focus that will significantly impact the long-term sustainability of the company.

Materiality Project Summary & Matrix

Core Business Issues to Invest in:

Stakeholder Engagement: Discuss issues with internal and external stakeholders and peers to determine relevance to our business and across those groups.

Performance Accountability: Develop program or policy recommendation, support business function goal development, and review ongoing progress

Transparency and Disclosure: Review progress against goals and develop disclosure recommendation for corporate responsibility communications

Corporate Responsibility Resources

We have dedicated resources in our Public Affairs department as part of AMD’s larger Legal organization. These resources handle issue identification and management, communications, CR related inquires (SRI questionnaires, ranking surveys, and customer or supplier requests), internal infrastructure, and external relationships.

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