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It’s not just what our technology can do that matters to our stakeholders, but also how we responsibly develop it.

AMD’s stakeholders include our workforce, customers, investors and analysts, local communities, suppliers, non-government organizations (NGOs) and others. Our success is inseparable from theirs and we strive to understand their interests, communicate clearly, be responsive and create shared value with them. And it’s not just what our technology can do that matters to our stakeholders, but also how we responsibly develop it.

To have a sustainable enterprise in the long run, our stakeholders must perceive we are creating value with them; wherever possible, we look for ways to do so. For example:

Investors increasingly care about the long-term sustainability of a company and are evaluating how well a  company’s purpose is integrated with its value proposition, as well as  the company’s performance on environmental, social and governance issues.  AMD is well positioned to participate in growing markets that provide important social benefits, while our size allows us to be nimble and responsive to  the many opportunities in high-performance computing.

Employees want to work on compelling technology that simultaneously allows them to improve their own professional careers. We offer our employees the opportunity to work for a company that innovates and makes important contributions to the world, all while doing so ethically and with integrity. Learn more about how we engage with our employees in the People section.

Communities expect companies to contribute good jobs while being a good neighbor, an ideal we embrace in the 40-plus communities in more than 20 countries that host our facilities. More broadly, technology can enable successful communities, connecting remote locations and supporting smart cities, to name just a few examples. Our technologies can also help to bring together and support virtual communities, from gamers to doctors to scientists.

Customers are looking for more options and choice that will help them achieve their visions. AMD collaborates with our customers to co-create innovative products that meet emerging needs. Indeed, partnering with customers is how we bring to life our purpose: to enable the world’s creators, researchers, inventors, and explorers to transform the lives of those around them through immersive and instinctive computing.

Suppliers help make AMD a strong business. In fact, our success is dependent on their success. We work with our suppliers to help them be their best. Learn more in the Supply Chain and Human Rights sections.

Walden Asset Management

Walden Asset Management

"AMD is a long-term top performer in corporate responsibility, often ranked ahead of much larger companies. They serve as an example for mid-cap companies considering the benefits of corporate responsibility programs."

- Timothy Smith, Director of Environmental, Social, and Governance Shareowner Engagement, Walden Asset Management

Stakeholder Panel

One of the most important ways we gain insight and understanding into our stakeholders’ interests is through focused dialogue. Working with Ceres, an award-winning, non-profit group focused on business and sustainability, AMD has established a stakeholder advisory panel consisting of experts from industry partners, advocacy groups and socially responsible investment firms. We typically meet with the panel once to twice a year to share our progress against goals and to gain deeper understanding into how we can improve our corporate responsibility strategies, communication, and performance.

In October of 2017, Ceres convened the stakeholder panel to gather stakeholder feedback on our disclosure and system for the management of human rights and labor risks in our supply chain. Stakeholders provided insightful and actionable feedback on our governance, risk management, and disclosure of human rights and labor risks. Stakeholders emphasized several overarching themes as we consider where to advance our performance on human rights in the supply chain, including: transparency, deeper engagement with suppliers, and strategic collaboration across sectors (via Responsible Business Alliance and other partnerships).

The stakeholders’ input was helpful in a number of ways, particularly in identifying our salient human rights issue as freely chosen employment. Our follow-up to the panel’s recommendations is discussed in the Human Rights and Labor section.

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“AMD has actively engaged stakeholders in its materiality assessment and is now using the results of the assessment to drive more robust sustainability reporting and goal-setting in key performance areas. Given where AMD sits in the value chain, it is critical that this report reflects its efforts to advance a sustainable global supply chain.” 

- Natasha Scotnicki, Senior Program Director, Corporate Program, Ceres 

Collaboration: Punching Above Our Weight

AMD embraces collaboration and innovation in the technology sector. We recognize meaningful improvement in corporate citizenship requires collaboration on a global scale, which, when done well, can be transformative. Working with industry peers, government regulators, NGOs, and other groups allows for our collective efforts to exceed what any of us could do as individual organizations.

Over the years, we have collaborated with a number of industry groups, including the following:


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Community Affairs

For more than 35 years, AMD has invested money, time, and technology in organizations that help strengthen communities worldwide. Additionally, our workforce continues to make their communities a better place by donating their time, talent, and money to charitable causes. Since 1995, AMD’s workforce has performed more than 196,000 hours of volunteer service and contributed $16.4 million.​

AMD Foundation

​AMD is built upon the value of putting people first — our customers, our employees, our neighbors, and our communities around the world. As a result, we have a longstanding heritage of investing our time, money, and technology with local organizations to help solve some of society’s toughest challenges.

It is this legacy that inspired us to create the AMD Foundation to strengthen our philanthropic giving and provide focus for our more than 35-year history of community involvement.