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In the Information Age, technology has transformed nearly every aspect of modern life while providing a powerful set of tools to respond to global challenges. Technology is empowering people to lift themselves out of poverty by providing access to information and opportunity. It is enabling us to better understand the natural world and humanity’s place in it, including challenges and opportunities from improving equitable access to education to designing livable communities for a growing population.

As a provider of high performance computing and graphics products, our success derives from the success of our customers and the ultimate users of their products. By promoting innovation and accelerating change, we help to create shared value with our stakeholders.

How AMD Creates Shared Value

Shared value is the concept of generating value in a manner that benefits a company’s immediate stakeholders while simultaneously producing value for society beyond the products and services of any one company. We see this occurring, for instance, when we apply innovation to create products that enable positive impacts on people’s lives and the natural resources we share while returning value to AMD’s shareholders. Increasingly, those improvements come from harnessing the vast amounts of data created each day. By 2021, it is estimated that 3 zettabytes (billion petabytes) of data will be generated each year, nearly 3 times as much as generated in 2016.1 But this data is only valuable if it can be utilized, providing information to people when and where they need it. We’re now at a point where hardware and software capabilities are meeting to provide analytical and machine intelligence capabilities that can fulfill that promise, and that’s a key area where AMD can generate shared value.

Learn more about how AMD creates shared value through our case studies.

Creating Shared Value Through High Performance Computing

AMD is focused on instinctive and immersive computing and how that technology can unleash the power of machine learning and other high performance computing applications to tackle important global challenges including the following:

  • Medical diagnostics already rely heavily on various forms of imaging. AMD is working with customers to greatly improve image quality, helping doctors detect anomalies that could escape the human eye and improving the accuracy and timeliness of diagnoses. Learn more about state-of-the-art medical imaging.

  • Education is ripe for innovation through immersive and instinctive technologies. AMD has partnered with customers and K-12 schools to demonstrate the uses of virtual reality in the classroom, to increase access to computers and training, and to promote STEM curriculum through immersive education.
  • Manufacturing is increasingly more high-tech, using monitoring, sensing and data analysis to enhance process efficiency, use fewer resources, boost quality and improve worker safety. Learn more about enabling the intelligent factory.
  • Scientific research is entering an era of tremendous potential due to new compute capabilities. In 2017, for example, AMD was selected by the U.S. Department of Energy's Exascale Computing Project (ECP) to accelerate critical computing technology research for the development of the nation's first exascale supercomputers. The ECP seeks to address the nation's most pressing scientific challenges by advancing simulation-based scientific discoveries for diverse fields ranging from medical science to astrophysics to climate modeling.2
  • Security concerns are an inevitable part of 21st century life, and AMD works with others in the industry to prevent and address vulnerabilities (learn more in Data Privacy and Security). At the same time, technologies such as blockchain have the potential to provide unprecedented security and traceability for supply chains and transactions of all kinds.

Big Data Trends

The average car will produce up to 30 terabytes of data each day, or about 7,500 movies worth of data3

Nearly 2 billion connected cars are expected on the world’s roadways by 20253

300 million diagnostic radiology images generated in the U.S. each year4; 12 million diagnostic errors5

Internet gaming traffic will grow nearly tenfold from 2016 to 20211

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) traffic will increase 20-fold between 2016 and 2021 globally1

100 terabytes of data uploaded to Facebook daily6

AMD and the Sustainable Development Goals

We believe the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide an inspiring set of goals and targets that point the way to a world that is more sustainable, resilient and just. Complex issues are distilled into 17 overarching goals for the year 2030, ranging from industry and infrastructure to climate action and quality education. The SDGs are estimated to represent business opportunities of over $12 trillion USD and 380 million jobs.7

Our company and the technology sector as a whole have a critical role to play in enabling the future that the SDGs aspire to create. At AMD, we were pleased to join a unique collaboration aiming to advance the role of business through development of the Trucost SDG Evaluation Tool. Trucost is an affiliate of the S&P Dow Jones Indices and a primary gatherer of financial and environmental, social and governance (ESG) data that companies publicly report. They have formed an advisory council of investors, nonprofits, and approximately twelve participating companies to support the inaugural launch of the tool. The aim is to develop a practical and actionable way to quantify corporate risks and opportunities related to the SDGs, helping companies use the SDGs to inform their strategy, evaluate their progress toward relevant targets and identify opportunities to create shared value related to the SDGs.

Learn more about AMD’s perspective on the SDGs and the Trucost project.

Case Studies

AMD is a company that dares to imagine a better world and takes inspiration from our customers to deliver innovative solutions to the challenges and possibilities of our digital age. We don’t create technology for technology’s sake, we innovate for you and what you can achieve.

We have partnered with key customers to co-develop this set of case studies that provide examples of applications of our core technology that benefit society.

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