Technology Enabling A Better World

AMD is Focused On:

  • Making computing more accessible (digital access)
  • Enabling more advanced research (supercomputing)
  • Improving healthcare (enhanced graphics imaging/machine learning)
  • Ushering a new era of data center (big data/machine learning)
  • Encouraging STEM education (virtual reality)
  • Strengthening the hardware/software security ecosystem (built-in secure processor features at the silicon-level)
  • Reducing the operating costs and carbon footprint of computing

The Issue

We are in a new era of computing, coined by some as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where information technology (IT) is rapidly changing many aspects of our lives. It’s an era of machine learning, virtual reality, smart cities and other innovative technologies designed to improve both our lives and our communities. It offers empowerment through expanded computing access to millions of people around the world. It gives us the power to analyze massive data sets, predict outcomes, and potentially solve some of the greatest problems of our time.

Yet alongside the tremendous benefits, we are mindful that technology also brings the potential for abuse, misuse and unintended consequences. Hardware and software developers, for example, must be constantly vigilant about potential security vulnerabilities. As digital experiences become more engaging, they can foster addictive behaviors. And some innovations, such as blockchain, represent a step change in security and traceability but may come with increased energy usage.

AMD’s Response

At AMD, we believe that our technology should promote and enable a more equitable, safe, and healthy world. At the same time, we make conscious efforts to prevent or minimize negative impacts from the manufacturing or use of our products. Our technologies (compute, graphics, and solutions) become the brains and engines powering the future. The opportunities for IT to enable a better world are immense, and at the core of this movement are the powerful central processing units (CPUs) and graphics processing units (GPUs) that drive breakthrough computing capabilities and visual renderings.

Because we believe our innovation is best used when it provides solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems, our product developers focus on opportunities that are a good fit for our technology and customers. At the same time, we enable innovation and accelerate change by providing widespread, affordable access to high-performance computing through open architecture for application development. These approaches help us create shared value with our stakeholders.

With an estimated 20-30 billion connected devices by 20201, the need for secure, efficient processors is greater than ever. AMD is on-track to improve energy efficiency for mobile processing by 25x (based on 2014 levels) by 2020.  And our work on heterogeneous computing (combining CPU and GPU capabilities) is bringing world-changing innovations to life — from artificial intelligence to immersive entertainment.

Our history is marked by a commitment to open-source innovation that’s truly useful — putting the real needs of people ahead of technical one-upmanship to improve things such as healthcare, education, scientific research, commerce and entertainment. At the end of the day, it’s the people behind our technology that makes AMD unique and innovative. We were founded on the principle that if you put people first, then products and profits will follow.

“As a company, we are extremely proud to create high-performance computing and graphics products that lead the industry, and to do that in a manner that leaves the world a better place.”

- Dr. Lisa Su, President and Chief Executive Officer, AMD