AMD Supplier Chain Chart

Our goal is to deliver high-quality products while ensuring that working conditions throughout our supply chain are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible. 

AMD incorporates corporate responsibility expectations into the same business processes we use for all supplier performance – the supplier business reviews (SBRs). The SBR is the forum where senior leaders from both companies come together on a regular basis to discuss a broad range of topics relevant to our business relationship. Corporate responsibility is an integral part of these relationships and thus included in the SBR for all of AMD’s manufacturing suppliers.

Manufacturing suppliers includes strategic suppliers who contribute materials that directly impact and become a part of AMD products. These include wafers, outsourced assembly and test (OSAT), direct materials (substrates, lids, capacitors, memory), and boards inclusive of components. To ensure our responsibility standards are being accomplished, we set clear expectations, ask our suppliers to report on their performance during SBRs, and review third-party audit information.

The potential for human rights and labor issues to arise in our supply chain has been identified as a core CR issue for AMD. Learn more about our perspective and how we assess and manage the issue in the human rights section.

AMD is a long-standing member of the Responsible Business Association (RBA). We have adopted the standards within the RBA Code of Conduct and expect our suppliers to conform to them. Each year, we communicate our expectations to our manufacturing suppliers for conformance to the Code, specific market regulations, and local law.

Learn more about our support for the UN Guiding Principles.

Corporate Responsibility Risk Management

We track potential CR-related risks in our supply chain by five main categories: Environmental, Social, Governance, Safety and Conflict Minerals. We track all risk categories, but prioritize specific types of CR risk based on the operation, location and results of prior reviews. Our current CR risk management process covers approximately 80% of our total annual supply chain spend.

Environment, Health and Safety

AMD and our wafer Foundry suppliers have established “best-in-class” environmental, health and safety goals for AMD wafer production. The goals, which cover the bulk of AMD’s environmental footprint within our supply chain, were designed to significantly outperform industry averages across environmental and safety performance metrics.

The greenhouse gas and electricity goals are verified “science-based targets” by the Science-based Targets initiative, meaning they are aggressive enough to avoid the worst effects of climate change by helping keep global temperatures from rising more than 2 degree Celsius.

Quality Management

An extension of AMD’s customer-centric focus is the belief that customers should experience excellence when designing in, manufacturing with, or supporting systems that include AMD products.

We use a multidimensional and cross-functional approach to produce high-quality and highly reliable products. AMD’s quality management system incorporates supplier quality control, stringent raw material and manufacturing process control systems, and final testing to ensure operational consistency, efficiency, and the ability to meet customer requirements. World Class Supplier, World Class Manufacturing, customer-quality and other quality processes drive continuous improvement in all aspects related to developing, manufacturing, and supporting products.


We understand the reliability and safety risks posed to end users by the presence of counterfeit semiconductors in the supply chain. Accordingly, we've established policies and practices to mitigate the introduction of suspect parts into the legitimate marketplace. This program includes enhanced supply chain security processes, authorized distribution requirements, ongoing cooperation with government and law enforcement communities in the detection and prevention of counterfeit products, and a comprehensive approach to brand protection.

Supply Chain Security

In order to safeguard product integrity AMD has established an extensive set of controls to ensure parts are securely manufactured, assembled, tested, uniquely tracked, marked, stored, and transported from manufacture to authorized distribution.

Authorized Distribution

AMD encourages purchases exclusively from authorized sources to ensure superior quality and reliability levels. After components are out of the authorized channel, there is no assurance that the component will be legitimate or functional.  Any purchase of AMD parts on the open market carries with it the risk of acquiring substandard material.  AMD recommends consumers and businesses buy AMD processors only from authorized distributors and vendors. AMD’s authorized locator can be found here.

Government and Law Enforcement Support

AMD cooperates with governments and authorities providing support with interdiction, prosecution, and deterrence of product-related illicit activity worldwide.

Brand Protection Program

AMD’s Product Investigations group manages the implementation of AMD’s anti-counterfeit and anti-fraud strategies, which include measures to quickly identify, respond to, and deter illicit activity. AMD drives the ‘design-in’ of secured, tamper-evident product packaging along with online resources to educate consumers and advocate product authentication. AMD conducts continuous monitoring of the sales channel to ensure product and pricing integrity worldwide and enforcement of corrective actions and non-compliance protocols.