Visualizing the Creative Process with GE

VR content creators, Kite & Lightning, built a one-of-a-kind experience for GE that allows the user to explore the creative process from a unique perspective. GE Neuro brings the user into musician Reuben Wu’s brain, powered by an AMD Radeon™ Fury X graphics card.

“Visualizing the human brain in intricate detail in virtual reality is no easy feat,” notes Katrina Craigwell, Director of Global Content and Programming at GE. “It takes an incredible amount of computational horsepower to create the virtual world and ensure that you’re completely comfortable interacting within in. To power the experience, we’re using AMD’s next-generation GPUs which not only deliver the exception graphical detail we want, but also a number of optimizations via their LiquidVR™ technology that ensures that the virtual world feels every bit as responsive and natural as the real world.”

GE Neuro VR Experience powered by AMD

Combining the latest VR technologies with powerful AMD computing and graphics capabilities, GE scientists have created a virtual portal into the human brain, enabling a user to enter, view, and explore the brain in ways never before possible. The GE’s Neuro VR experience enables an interactive understanding of how GE scientists are breaking new ground in understanding how the brain works. Offering a tantalizing virtual glimpse into the medical imaging and visualization advancements that will soon be reality, GE’s Neuro VR experience immerses participants in a unique and visually stunning interactive journey through the wonder that is the human brain – the source of all qualities that define our humanity.

For more information on Virtual Reality at AMD please visit AMD LiquidVR™ Technology